My First Interview with

I had the pleasure to record an interview earlier this week with’s Alasdair MacLeod.  We talk gold, silver, bitcoin and the two paths humanity can take going forward.  Either toward a centralized, police state gulag or a decentralized, free and open society.  The choice is ours.  Have a listen!


Obama Trying to Turn Guantanamo Back into a Gulag

Where are all the fake liberals that continue to support Obama?  What achievements do they defend? A healthcare bill written by the insurance companies?  The guy has been the biggest sham puppet I have ever seen.  Banana Republic.

From the Washington Post:
New rules from the Obama Justice Department threaten to return Guantanamo Bay to the legal black hole it was in during the early days of the George W. Bush administration. The rules, which began trickling out in May, are to be reviewed Friday in a hearing before a federal judge in Washington. They restrict lawyers’ access to detainees who have lost their initial habeas corpus petitions. The effect would be to wrest control of attorney-client access away from the courts and give the military nearly complete discretion to dictate if and when attorneys can visit detainees, how many attorneys may work on a case, what information lawyers may obtain and use in representing their clients, and where and how this information can be used.

In other words, far from closing the prison camp as he promised, President Obama is steadily returning Guantanamo to the secretive and hopeless internment camp that he vilified as a candidate.

Full article here.