The Latest Banker Plan Would Fund Super-PACs to Sway Senate Races

The banker zombies are not content at having been bailed out at the expense of the living standards of all future generations of Americas. No.  In fact, they are fighting tooth and nail for the right to continue to steal more and more from the increasingly impoverished citizenry.

With the election right around the corner, this is what the banksters are up to now.  From a Bloomberg article:

A banking trade group is preparing to set up a political fund that would allow members to funnel money anonymously to pro-industry candidates in the final months of the U.S. election campaign.

The American Bankers Association board is set to vote tomorrow on a plan to create a nonprofit that would donate to super-political action committees, or super-PACs, that can spend unlimited amounts on TV ads and other campaign activities.

Note what that said above.  Bankers are setting up a non-profit to buy off politicians with anonymous donations.  Oh yeah, this is going to turn out well for us.  How are they able to do this?

A series of court decisions and regulatory changes in 2010 unraveled previous federal limits on political donations. The donors pool their money in nonprofits, which keep contributor names secret, and super-PACs, which have amassed $350 million through the end of July.

Also, just bear in mind the next time you read some nonsensical bankster apologist policy paper; think about how it got funded.  Also from Bloomberg:

In accord with federal rules, ABA staff members said that the fund would spend 51 percent of its money on “public-issue advocacy,” such as research, policy papers and media campaigns.

The bankers would like to thank you America.  If so many of you weren’t such ignorant, apathetic sheeple they never could have gotten away with the 2008 heist and everything they have done and continue to do to you since.  USA! USA!

Read the full article here.


4 thoughts on “The Latest Banker Plan Would Fund Super-PACs to Sway Senate Races

  1. One can only hope that the sheeple will recognize that “the money” from any banking super PAC is not real money. Mike Ruppert is a weird guy, but he said it best… Until you change the way money works, you change nothing. Thanks for the great post Mike K.

    • Yes, yes, that is correct. Our medium of exchange, our money, is little more than someone else’s IOU in endless circulation. It has no inherent value but for its unique (and this is no small thing and a crucial linchpin of the scam) ability to extinguish debts with the banks and with the government, i.e. pay taxes. Dollars are the only medium either will accept; and both will enforce their debts upon you, up to and including your homelessness, to create in your life an unending need for their scrip. Dollars are the bars on the cage.
      For the population to change the way money works (and Ruppert’s correct, that task falls to us: popular appeals to a captive political class for monetary reform are an obvious dead-end.), it must continually reduce the amount and size of transactions done in dollars. A little more each month, one must go local, and disentangle from the monetary uber-grid. A good place to start is shunning the TBTF banks and the products of the Fortune 500, the so-called “they.”
      Currency is a faith-based business; only a vote of no-confidence, registered daily by where your personal money goes, can kill it. If we cease to use it the levers of political power will rust in their hands.
      The Conscious Scenario is a man choosing to buy shoes or repair his shoes locally, even if it’s a buck more, to keep the local shoemaker — his neighbor, after all — busy and fed, instead of buying what’s on sale at a national chain, even if it’s cheaper. For a “good price,” we’re letting the Fortune 500 suck money out of local communities toward the corporate head office in some distant state or country, to deposit in the TBTF, from which it pays pennies to legions of foreign workers. Globalism may have been cooked-up by the Elites, but it is we who feed and water it, every day in a dozen purchases. By acknowledging our responsibility, we discover our power.

      Peace out.

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