CNBC Poll: 69% of Americans Support the Gold Standard

Do I really think that any mainstream politician would ever actually move us toward the gold standard?  Not a chance.  It doesn’t matter.  As I mentioned the other day, the mere fact that Romney was forced to consider creating a commission to examine the return to gold tells us all we need to know.  The populace is becoming increasingly informed of the total scam that the current monetary system is and they are looking for answers.  My personal belief is that a gold standard isn’t ideal either.  I think we need to move away from centralized control of money completely.  There is absolutely no reason why a small group of men should have the monopoly power to create money and distribute it with the defense of an army. That is feudalism.  Monetary “evolution” in my mind is directly related to a movement toward human beings and businesses using whatever currency they want.  It can be gold, it can be silver, it can be bitcoins, or it can be something else.  That is not for me to decide.  It is for the market to choose.  That is freedom.

My guess is that when the current system dies, gold and silver will soar to unimaginable heights in government issued fiat currencies terms, and out of the ashes countless competing currencies will arise.  This will be a good thing.  Out of chaos let’s get our freedom back and never allow the criminal elite to use the chaos for dictatorship.  The choice is ours so we need to start working on these concepts now and moving more toward alternative currencies sooner rather than later.

That is why I think the CNBC poll is so important.  People know something is wrong.  This presents a great opportunity.

Read the Benzinga article on the poll here.

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11 thoughts on “CNBC Poll: 69% of Americans Support the Gold Standard

  1. The system will collapse, and various currencies will arise to replace fiat. I also believe PM will soar in value. TPTB will try to create a new fiat world currency, but I don’t see how they can successfully implement it. The part that mystifies me is knowing the elite must have a plan for post-collapse. What is it?

  2. one can’t get away from the fact that rome destablized there curency wile directly using gold coinage by simply taxing out of existence there local grain production to pay for there nany state and thus there gold went to there trade partners who they in turn invaded, starting a cycle that defined there”empire” untill it destroyed it.

    never under estamate humanities ability to screw up a good thing

  3. That poll is … encouraging. I doubt 69% of Americans truly understand what a gold standard is and would be able to tell the difference if they were offered a false substitute, but hey, it’s a start.

    Currency competition FTW.

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    Goldpocalypse: Fort Knox

    Gold Standard: Global Currency Rising

    What needs to be done, is to END THE FED!, and have the U.S. Treasury print America’s currency – NOT the so-called (and privately owned) ‘Fed’eral “Reserve’, which is neither Federal, nor a Reserve.

  6. Michael’s take is subtle and deserves repetition and amplification, so as not to turn this thread into a binary, “Gold Standard Yes or No?” conversation, and losing an important insight.
    He’s taking the CNBC poll and it’s high number as a way of taking the temperature of the man on the street regarding his perception of our currency. Michael’s diagnosis, which is sort of hard to argue with, is that the 69% figures indicates a lack of confidence with the current set-up known as fiat. That said, at the same time some, Michael among us, take issue with the 69%’s conclusion and prescription for the future, a Gold Standard. He puts forth decentralization and competition, and would dissuade everyone from another centralized source of currency, be it governmental, supra-governmental, or some other front for the globalist-cabal and the Senior Capital Pools.
    As I’ve said on this thread before: anyone who follows the line of thought and action regarding a Gold Standard out will discover that it is a mechanism through which the Senior Capital Pools, of which the central banks are an operational arm, can vacuum up every remaining ounce still in private hands. (Please refer to Michael’s article about Italy, to discover the other method of vacuuming up a nation’s private gold supply. Understand that the Globe and Mail’s article is propaganda: No, Globe and Mail, what’s happening in Italy is not as an effect. It’s the goal.)

    @Andy: At this writing, so near the EndGame, the point of all economic policy is for the Senior Capital Pools to own all the gold, to have title to all the property, to hold all the debt/notes and to issue all the currency. In sharp contrast, the population of planet Earth will be unable to hold the value of its labor in anything of inarguable intrinsic value over time, will pay rent forever without a hope of owning, will be laden with non-dischargeable debt, and will be paid for its labor in centrally manipulated scrip. Nothing, anywhere will be in the public domain, from classic novels to historical sites; everything will have a toll or a meter on it, flowing to income to the SVPs.

    Sounds absurd, downright megalomaniacal, and not a little bit infantile, I know. But the belief that it’s impossible is a well-supported pillar of the normalcy bias, keeping the would-be owners safe. It’s in the nature of pyramidal organizational structures to suck power and resources to the top to be consolidated to the few in the capstone, and to distribute weight, cost, waste and obligation to the bottom, where power is atomized. The resurrection of the Gestapo bank, the BIS, and its planned use as the capstone of the global central banking pyramid should induce nausea and cognitive dissonance, vertigo and intuitive dread.

  7. I believe that moving to a gold standard is not the answer, and furthermore like Hanks says, it would result in just another vacuuming job by the elite. I think many PM people in their lust for their metals think that it would make a fine basis for money, but don’t look further to see the inherent limitations in making it a world currency. Perhaps it could be one currency among many.

    It seems that a Treasury created currency that has a gross amount pegged to current national asset valuation is the way to go. I wonder if the amount should increase as the economy enlarges, or stay finite like bitcoin has set up? Some entity like the Fed should be in charge of setting this amount (if it changes), and then go home and take a nap. We need to remove all the distorting capital controls that the Fed plays with in order to stack the deck.

    Saying this, I wonder if a national paper currency can exist without another asset backing it? I don’t see why not, since it would be backed by the ‘full faith and guarantee’ of a sovereign nation.

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  9. Increased money supply is inevitable given capitalism. In which case, a gold standard is not sustainable.

    Given that, most Americans will have to realize that the problem isn’t the absence of a gold standard but too much borrowing and spending needed for too much resource consumption. And the situation worsens when one keeps in mind peak oil and generally the threat of a resource crunch.

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