The NSA is Completely and Totally Out of Control…Very Important Video

“They wanted to highly classify the extremely impeachable crimes they were committing.”
– William Binney (NSA Whistleblower; worked there 32 years before resigning in disgust)

What the NSA has become since 9/11 is a sprawling Big Brother spy network aimed directly at the American people.  In this powerful interview, documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras talks with William Binney about the emerging police state in America.  Binney discusses how programs he had helped develop to gather intelligence on foreign enemies was suddenly, and to his shock, turned around on the American public without their knowledge or consent.  He resigned from the NSA due to the unconstitutionality and immorality of this turn of events.  Mr. William Binney is an American hero of the highest order.  He could have just resigned and kept quiet like so many cowards out there most certainly have done.  Please watch this video and pass it along to everyone you know.  The key thing here is that this is being done TO us, behind the scenes, with ZERO public debate.

Watch it here.

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6 thoughts on “The NSA is Completely and Totally Out of Control…Very Important Video

  1. Isn’t it shocking how just a few people are keeping approximately 7 billion people enslaved? This never ceases to amaze me, yet so many people tune it out, are unaware, or simply do not care.

    • The Mogul empire managed to secure contol on Hindustan modern day India a population of 500 million with just 700 people and all without todays spy technology.

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