Meet Gary Johnson: The Libertarian for President Polling at 7% in Colorado

I haven’t endorsed anyone for President yet, but the guy that catches my eye more than any other at the moment is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  While people will say a vote for Gary Johnson is a “wasted vote” or a “vote for Obama,” neither of these claims are accurate.  First of all, a “wasted vote” is to play the system’s rigged game and vote for the “lesser of two evils” between two awful candidates that fundamentally disagree with me on every single issue of importance.  To the second point, there is a lot of evidence that suggests Johnson pulls from both parties, and in fact mostly from Independent voters (who probably wouldn’t vote anyway), with him pulling more away from Obama in my home state of Colorado where he is polling at 7% as of late!

I don’t like labels and I prefer not to attach myself to any.  While I agree more with the Libertarian platform than the other options, no political philosophy is perfect.  The point is that the Democrats and Republicans are two big party elite shams that pit the populace purposely against one another on emotional social issues so as to never debate what really matters.  Gary Johnson is virulently opposed to Gestapo type legislation like the NDAA, which Obama is fighting aggressively in court to keep, he is against the Federal Reserve system, in favor or real capitalism where there are no massive bank bailouts or institutionalized socialism for the rich and austerity for the middle class.  He is the only commonsense guy running for President that sees the nation’s future in a similar vein to so many of my generation and younger if we would just wake up.

Gary Johnson has recently polled around 5% nationally.  While this is impressive for a guy with zero media coverage, he needs 15% to get in the debates.  If nothing else, it would be amazing to see him up there with the other two puppets.  If we spread his message perhaps he can get there.

Below is a interview my friend Dan Ameduri recorded with Mr. Johnson at the Freedom Fest in Vegas.  His candor is refreshing and without a doubt you will know where this man stands on the issues.  Please take the time.  Our nation’s future is at stake.

In Liberty,


9 thoughts on “Meet Gary Johnson: The Libertarian for President Polling at 7% in Colorado

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  2. Karl Denninger of market-ticker has done an admirable job of vetting Gary Johnson over the last few months. While I have issue with Karl in some areas (e.g. PMs), I don’t find fault in his analysis of Johnson.

    Bottom line is … don’t expect someone to go toe to toe with the bankster elite, nor even ramp up corruption arrests.

    I consider myself Libertarian and I consider Gary Johnson the Libertarian version of Mitt Romney.
    Needless to say, I won’t be voting for Johnson (instead writing in Ron Paul … as I did last election).

  3. More like meet a guy that doesn’t have a frickin’ prayer politically but gifts a degree of change in perception to those who still have the ability to think. Bless him.

  4. Somebody needs to have a serious sit down with this young man…soon. …(Colorado where he is polling at 7% as of late!)

  5. About real information regarding taxes in this country where Income Taxes are only 25% of the taxes we pay.

  6. Salaam Art,

    You seem to like spoiling things; spoiling votes & now spoiling America’s chance of getting someone who has to be better than a COMMUNIST & a loony MORMON, who’s Joseph Smith stated that there were men on the Moon & they wore Quaker type clothes.

  7. I am sorry but people here seem to have no clue as to who this man is. He was almost completely incompetent as Governor of New Mexico. The gesture he was known for in his office when advisors spoke to him was to run his hand over the top of his head- yes- telling them not to waste their time, it was all over his head. His father gifted him a construction company and other than that he jogs. He had to leave the republican party because of his wild tangents like trying to legalize cannabis. The man is an idiot and a loose cannon. Really people, if things are bad enough that we are considering this man, it is time to give the whole thing up.

    • CommonSense…….easy to rant and rave, without giving any facts. He built that construction company himself from a one man company to a large operation. Give us some #’s when speaking of his tenure as governor? Show me he did a bad job? You can’t. And cannabis…….I don’t use it…..but guess what, the “war on drugs” is not working my friend. Wake up. But you are correct, things are that bad. Again, if you’re going to be this negative, give us some facts.

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