Congress Can’t Pass a Bill? No Problem! Obama Can Just Sign an Executive Order

Our favorite Senator, Jay Rockefeller, the man who lamented the creation of the internet, is actively urging President Obama to sign an Executive Order to achieve the same results as the Cybersecurity Act that Congress failed to pass.  It is beyond disgusting that a sitting Senator would encourage The President to bypass the legislative branch (of which he is a member) and evade the checks and balances that exist between the three branches of government that was such a key provision of The Constitution.  The founding fathers intimately understood the dangers of a King and they wanted to make sure The President couldn’t act like one.  For a sitting member of Congress to encourage this is nothing short of despicable.  He is an embarrassment to the institution itself.

This is just further evidence of our political decay into a nation of men, rather than a nation of laws.

From The Hill:

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) urged President Obama on Monday to issue an executive order that would establish a program in which companies operating critical infrastructure would take steps to bolster the security of their computer systems from a cyberattack.

John Brennan, the White House’s chief counterterrorism adviser, said last week that the Obama administration is considering imposing cybersecurity rules via executive order after the Cybersecurity Act failed to gain enough Republican support to move forward.

Just another day in the United States of Banana Republic.

Full article here.


10 thoughts on “Congress Can’t Pass a Bill? No Problem! Obama Can Just Sign an Executive Order

  1. This EO issue toasts my turds like nothing else has in twenty years. Why can’t the Marxist ass have a stroke or something.

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  3. Meanwhile, I’ll obtain more concealed-carry permits to enhance “MY SAFETY!” Since I wasn’t born with a Fucking Silver Spoon up my Ass like the Rockefeller’s!

  4. I’m gonna ROCK you FElla’s .. just watch the wiz of oz… Clowns behind a curtain. Entire system is corrupt to the core, like a Monsanto apple. Checks and Balances only refer to lobbyist when they check the inflows from banks, big pharm, and the MIC (military industrial complex)

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  6. Oh Golly, folks. Getting all breathless about Jay Rockefeller’s suborning unconstitutional conduct is a little silly, right? “He’s a sitting senator!” Well, yes, Mr. Rockefeller has to sit somewhere, the state of West Virginia happened to have a senate available and he bought it. But it’s little more than that, little more than a commodious seat. His aims and his power to achieve them don’t derive from his having it. He feels about as much duty and obligation to his senate seat as I do to the one in which my ass rests right now. I like it just fine, but it doesn’t control my behavior, and if something should happen to it, I’ll buy another.
    The people we’re up against smirk knowingly as we fuss and fume and get all worked up about generals that take orders from the UN; legislators, judges and presidents who collude to create a tyrannical control grid to enslave the populace; and Fortune 100 executives who’ve cheerfully adopted the Big Tobacco model of corporate soft-kill. As Jesse just pointed out over at his Cafe Americain: what distinguishes these folks from the rest of us is lack of emotional empathy for others. The only governor on their conduct is whether they themselves might come a cropper of it, not whether others will be destroyed. When we see a wrong, yes, we become agitated because we feel pain of it. They merely wish they’d thought of it first, and smirk.
    I’m probably the dumbest reader Michael has, but when I see the surname Rockefeller I actually see it and know it’s determinative. The bearer is automatically different from everyone else in the area code, probably the state, in which I am standing. There is nothing–nothing–external to him that gives Jay Rockefeller more power than he already has. His senate seat is just another thing he owns.
    All that said, it is rich indeed that a world with an internet has become such a personal nightmare for him. His fevered, anxious crusade to diminish and control it lays bare his fears. When all this goes wrong for him and his ilk, and it will, the internet will see to it he’s found and prosecuted. No place will be safe. It will hound him through life the way it haunts his dreams even now, no matter how many cocktails mixed with orphan tears he imbibed tonight.

  7. I suppose there are many ways to “call it” — to certify the USSA has become an absolute, complete, unmitigated totalitarian dictatorship. One way for weak-minded fools to be absolutely certain before they admit “all is lost”, is to have a president and congress who passes and enforces endless ruthless unconstitutional atrocities… and then gets re-elected. This will happen in November, of course, and certify the USSA and most of its residents are blatantly vile, evil scum. All that remains is to spiral down the toilet of history (and mankind).

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