TRAPWIRE: Leaked Stratfor Emails Indicate Sophisticated Surveillance Grid May Exist

TrapWire is the other really interesting story out there at the moment that is not being covered at all in the United States mainstream media, which at this point has become a gigantic joke and national embarrassment (only 21% of Americans trust TV news according to a recent gallup poll).

So what do we know about TrapWire at the moment?  Unfortunately, the answer is not that much, but we definitely know enough to be very concerned and our media outlets should be spending a lot of time on this subject rather than the petty topics on which they spend the majority of their wasted existence.

From what is out so far we know that TrapWire is a sophisticated surveillance system that consists of at least: CCTV cameras, license plate readers and open source date bases offered to major corporations and governments around the world.  The Sydney Morning Herald informs us that:

The emails and other documentation revealed TrapWire is installed in some of the western world’s most sensitive locations – including the White House, 10 Downing Street, New Scotland Yard, the London Stock Exchange and five hundred locations in the New York subway system. Trapwire is also installed in many Las Vegas casinos.

Ok, so most people will read that and think; so what?  These places need protection, why not have the best?

There are three things that really make my skin crawl when it comes to TrapWire.  First, the people behind the project have CIA backgrounds.  Also from the SMH we find that:

The founder of TrapWire is 30-year Central Intelligence Agency veteran Richard Hollis Helms. Several of TrapWire’s top managers are also former CIA officers. It is part of security company Abraxas Corporation, which reportedly holds sensitive and lucrative contracts involving activities such as creating fake identities for CIA officers.

Second, Wikileaks recently released emails from geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor, in which analysts and senior members of the firm discuss TrapWire.  Coincident with this release, Wikileaks was subject to monstrous DDOS attacks that have kept the site more or less down for over a week.  This has made combing through the TrapWire emails very difficult.  So we know that very powerful players at very powerful institutions DO NOT want this info getting out to the public.

Third, while TrapWire will be sold to the American sheeple as a way to “stop terrorists,” in an internal Stratfor email we see that:

Regarding SF landmarks of interest–they need something like Trapwire more for threats from activists than from terror threats. Both are useful, but the activists are ever present around here.

So there you have it folks.  There is a large surveillance grid being put into place and guess what?  Activists are the terrorists…and not a peep from the U.S. mainstream media. Welcome to America in 1984.

Here are various articles on it.

From The Sydney Morning Herald

From PC Magazine

From The UK’s Daily Mail

From Privacy SOS

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8 thoughts on “TRAPWIRE: Leaked Stratfor Emails Indicate Sophisticated Surveillance Grid May Exist

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  3. This is 2:45 EDT Tuesday Aug 14 and the link to the Sydney Morning Herald returns a 405 page not found error. And a search of the newspaper as a whole for the word “trapwire” returned zero results.

    Did they destroy the article and all traces of it that quickly? Evidently so.

    • Wow, that is insane. I had this thing on my browser all day yesterday. The article was called “TrapWire spy cams’ ticket to Australia.” Google it. This is scary and also exactly what they did in the book 1984…

  4. I googled “Trap Wire spy cams” and can confirm that the SMH page is gone.

    I did find this.

    Apparently if you take a photo in a major city at a “high risk” location, you are recorded as a suspected terrorist. So now I guess even tourists are terrorists……..

    So now we have military exercises in major cities, ammo stockpiling in major cities by the DHS NOAA and SSA, spy cameras…….. gee, I wonder what is coming????

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