NDAA Update: Chris Hedges Speaks About His Day in Court

First of all, I want to thank all of the readers of my blog, my followers on twitter and everyone that shared my most recent piece.  The response to my NDAA article from Friday evening has exceeded my wildest expectations and is a very encouraging sign for the future.  More than 20,000 people have read this in the last two days and weekends are always a slow period.  Liberty is in a bull market.  This proves to me without a shadow of a doubt that people are finally ready for the truth.  Both political parties and the power elite that controls them (financial oligarchs and the military/industrial complex) are engaged in a concerted war against freedom and liberty through a legal destruction of The Bill of Rights.  Chris Hedges penned a piece today regarding his thoughts on the government’s appeal of his lawsuit against the NDAA.  Here are some excerpts from this powerful piece.

First take a look at how pathetic and tyrannical the government lawyers are:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Torrance argued in court that the government already has the authority to strip citizens of their constitutional rights. He cited the execution of Nazi saboteur Richard Quirin during World War II, saying the case was “completely within the Constitution.” He then drew a connection between that case and the AUMF, which the Obama White House argues permits the government to detain and assassinate U.S. citizens they deem to be terrorists. Torrance told the court that judicial interpretation of the AUMF made it identical to the NDAA, which led the judge to ask him why it was necessary for the government to defend the NDAA if that was indeed the case. Torrance, who fumbled for answers before the judge’s questioning, added that the United States does not differentiate under which law it holds military detainees. Judge Forrest, looking incredulous, said that if this was actually true the government could be found in contempt of court for violating orders prohibiting any detention under the NDAA.

Here is how Hedges passionately and eloquently ends his Op Ed:

Contrast this crucial debate in a federal court with the empty campaign rhetoric and chatter that saturate the airwaves. The cant of our political theater, the ridiculous obsessions over vice presidential picks or celebrity gossip that dominate the news industry, effectively masks the march toward corporate totalitarianism. The corporate state has convinced the masses, in essence, to clamor for their own enslavement. There is, in reality, no daylight between Mitt Romney and Obama about the inner workings of the corporate state. They each support this section within the NDAA and the widespread extinguishing of civil liberties. They each will continue to funnel hundreds of billions of wasted dollars to defense contractors, intelligence agencies and the military. They each intend to let Wall Street loot the U.S. Treasury with impunity…The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime.

Thank you Mr. Hedges; and how is this Op Ed not in every newspaper in America today?

Full Op Ed can be found here.


12 thoughts on “NDAA Update: Chris Hedges Speaks About His Day in Court

    • Democrats vs. Republicans is the exacty the same as Goldman Sachs vs. Goldman Sachs. We have reached the end of the road. We must turn Left or Turn right. One road leads to Revolution and the other road leads to Human Enslavement for eternity. Choose well.

      • It Appears We Are Going Back To The Time Of Our Fore-Fathers. Are We Starting Over Again We Had The Revolution With England, Due To Taxes & Freedom and Our Constitution Was Write. It Apears Too Me Like We Coming Full Circle and Yes There Will Be Another Revolution

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  2. “Legal destruction of Bill of Rights”? While I’m with you on most of your article, I think you missed the mark here. Quasi-legal might have been appropriate. Changes to the US Constitution require an Amendment, ratified by 3/4 of the States. I’ve seen no proposed amendments eliminating anything in the Bill of Rights.

    • Our government has gutted the Constitution by simply pretending it’s not there. Thus, we are at war with half a dozen nations, without having declared war. People are being unreasonable searched every single day in their tens of thousands at airports. The president makes laws by “executive orders,” which are then obeyed as laws. Show me “executive orders” in the Constitution? When the Help America Vote Act made voters obsolete by computerizing election results, the government became answerable only to their corporate controllers. No amendments necessary.

  3. Ron Paul was by far the best candidate because he was and still is fighting first and formost for the Bill of rights and civil liberties, as well as the trimming or complete removal of certain federal agencies that voilate or distort our basic sovergn rights and freedoms, or destroy our future, especiall our economic future. He’s a true Constitutionalist, exactly what this country needs. Unfortunatly, American citizens are highly uneducated and ignorant of ANY of these matters. This failure to understand the importance of these matters will be the cause of Americas Demise. Prepare now, before you can’t.

  4. as in the election of 2008 many of us were not enthralled with the Republican choice but felt he was the lesser of two evils as we do again in our coming election.We need an outsider to hopefully bring our country back. Mr. Paul is a wonderful human but perhaps his son can be the leader his father somehow could not attain. After many years in Washington much of the badness does rub off on people. We need a change and with luck Mr Romney will be the person to lead us back to sanity.

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