Spain is Reaching the Boiling Point: Activists Steal in Bulk from Supermarket and Bring to Food Kitchen

While all a person in the financial markets needs to do in order to understand the desperate economic situation in Spain is look at the country’s spiking bond yields, the social situation on the ground appears to be at some sort of dangerous inflection point.  I found a story from Murcia Today to be very telling of what is happening on the ground in Spain and how this could easily get out of control.  This reminds me of what was probably going on in the streets of North Africa prior to the uprisings there early last year.  When people have been robbed by their politicians and oligarch bankster masters and they cannot eat, they will find a way to eat.  Two words:  French Revolution.  The elites never learn.

I was unable to copy and paste from Murcia Today but these quotes are from a separate news source:

Unemployed fieldworkers and other members of the union went to two supermarkets, one in Ecija (Sevilla) and one in Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz) and loaded up trolleys with basic necessities. They said that the people were being expropriated and they planned to “expropriate the expropriators”.

The foodstuffs, including milk, sugar, chickpeas, pasta and rice, have been given to charities to distribute, who say they are unable to cope with all the requests for help they receive. Unemployment in the Sierra de Cadiz is now 40%.

Murcia Today takes very different slant and refers to the union members as “militants” and the union itself as a “syndicate.”  Of course these words could easily be lost in translation; I haven’t read the Spanish version.  The Murcia Today article is here and I suggest reading it.

In a related story:

The Spanish city of Girona has decided to lock supermarket rubbish bins to stop people scavenging for food.

Products past their sell by date are thrown away at the end of the day and then taken and eaten by hungry people.

The move is not as mean as it first appears, officials said that there are health risks involved for those who eat from the bins and the practice causes social alarm.

Spain is going from bad to worse.  This is a total tragedy and one that has now spread from North Africa to Southern Europe, and will move north next and then west to the United States.  This is what happens when power and control is given to corrupt politicians and financial oligarchs with zero accountability.  Es una gran lastima.


5 thoughts on “Spain is Reaching the Boiling Point: Activists Steal in Bulk from Supermarket and Bring to Food Kitchen

  1. I live in Spain and the practise of dumpster diving does present a health risk in these temperatures, we have our rubbish removed 365/7. It is 34C now at 1930hrs, that said, poverty is beginning to show in this outwardly prosperous region and I would have thought a more compassionate approach could be taken by the supermarkets with time expired food. On the other hand, thievery by “activists” is hardly a response to be tolerated

  2. The central planners have centrally planned themselves into a corner. Get ready for the false red flag anytime now. The markets have rejoiced over The Big Print coming any second now in Europe but where will oil be priced in Euros should it happen (or the U.S. for that matter)? Put the nasty summer drought on top of surging oil prices with agricultural prices also going far higher for the icing on the central planners cake, and the plebs will be in a world of hurt if the EU prints trillions….

    And here in the welfare-state shorts on the NYSE have vaporized almost as fast as MF Global client funds as algos and CTRL + P rumors sent them packing. So with a rally that will start to fizzle any day now that the primary buyer has vanished (the shorts), economies plunging deeper into the red, and a potential big print making millions upon millions more go hungrier…..exactly where can the central planners go?

    In other words, if central planners do nothing their gig is up. If they print the kind of fiat ponzi currency they need to, their gig is up. Planners. Meet. Corner. Now.

    Expect something very out of the ordinary soon.

  3. Everyone go read Pedagogy of the Oppressed. You can’t beat oppression by adopting the tactics of the oppressor.

    Also: The Spanish city of Girona has decided to lock supermarket rubbish bins to stop people scavenging for food.

    officials said that there are health risks involved

    Health risks? Like starvation? Are supermarkets really going to be taken to court if someone gets salmonella for eating out of their dumpster?

    I’m reminded of Grapes of Wrath, where Steinbeck wrote of piles and piles of good fruit being destroyed while the starving were not allowed to touch it.

    That’s not socialism, that’s letting people have the same access to your garbage that you give raccoons.

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  5. The Málaga story is an Izquierda Unida mayor and deputy in the Junta de Andalucía called José Manuel Sánchez Gordillo has been behind the two supermarket ‘attacks’. He can’t be arrested or detained since he is ‘aforado’, but he would be happy, he says, to go to jail.

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