Only Slaves are Disarmed: Inaugural Interview with SGT Report

Please take a listen to my first interview with the always excellent Liberty focused website SGT Report.  The SGT Report has been a supporter of my site since I launched it, and is one of our greatest allies in fighting for freedom against the parasitic elite.

Unfortunately, I will probably be unable to write any weekly pieces for a little while as I am en route to NYC.  I will be handing out red pills.

See you on the other side.

In Truth and Liberty,


3 thoughts on “Only Slaves are Disarmed: Inaugural Interview with SGT Report

  1. Great Interview with SGT Mike. Remember to keep in mind the following when handing out Red Pills:

    The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.
    – Leo Tolstoy

    • Well put. let me test this out on you.

      I understand why the sheeple are so quiet. They’re quite because they don’t know any better. No one has put forth a new vision or a plan to move forward. Just a lot of talk, speeches and political promises that don’t amount to anything. I hear a lot of people like Mike Krieger, Alex Jones and all the other online, offline, tv and radio talking heads telling us about the problems. And that’s a good thing. The problem is we need a way to move past the problems. About a year ago I found this flyer on my car about OsiXs and revolution 2.0. This is what we need. This is something that every American needs to see. This is the only person or group that has ever come out with an actual plan/vision for our country. And it’s nothing short of brilliant. This is the kind of thing that makes a country and its people great. Enjoy!

      Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

      • I’m not sure what the answer is, but I still believe that helping to reveal the problems to the masses is a step in the right direction (even without always having an answer presented immediately). As a matter of fact, it is crucial for giving people a frame of reference as they are waking up from their misinformed slumber. In my own journey, I have gone from merely having an inkling that something was not right with the world to now being able to completely see through the corporate media BS. I don’t know that I would have evolved as far as I have if it had not been for fellow Liberty lovers keeping the conversation going. I see the world differently everyday now and I wouldn’t turn back this knowledge for anything. I realize more and more everyday that I have not been taking these strides alone and that many other every day people are also awakening to the reality we find ourselves living. Unfortunately, there are some that might never figure it out, but I don’t lose sleep over it because to use an overused phrases, “It is what is is”.

        What have I been doing to make a difference? I started by trying to wake-up my siblings and parents to the real world in which we live. I then moved on to slowly bringing up certain topics in very small doses with both friends and co-workers (how “money” is created, etc…). I have found that you cannot do a rapid data dump of all of the things you’ve learned over the last several years to those who have not even become aware that something isn’t quite right. It is info overload and it doesn’t help. I find that just getting folks to understand a few of the key problems is usually enough to get them started on their own search for Truth. We paid off our cars and vowed to never finance a vehicle with a bank ever again. We no longer use credit cards for the very same reason. We use cash whenever possible to prevent MaterCard/Visa from taking a cut of the transaction (especially when dealing with small businesses). We attend famers markets and buy probably 60-70% of our food there during the growing season (that helps local growers, keeps money out of the hands of the big corporate stores and we tend to eat healthier). I took the time to closely examine our Constitution and re-internalize it’s importance and meaning to me personally. I have committed to being a better citizen. I’ve contacted my Rep & Senator many times over the last few years. I know that my voice doesn’t equal that of the big corps and that is a huge problem, but I want them to know that I know. I don’t use Facebook because I don’t want to give away my private information. We don’t use reward cards at stores for the exact same reason. I read and read and read. I try to take time to talk to people face to face at every opportunity I get (lunch counter, standing in line, on a bus, etc….)….again, I don’t try and explain everything in one sitting, but rather I just try to awake that critical thinking capacity inside them. We generously supported Ron Paul (even though we have lost complete faith in the two party system). I stopped investing our retirement savings in the stock market when I realized it was fixed and we’ve vowed to never invest in it again. I’ve found better uses for my money like helping out family that have been negatively affected by the economy, as well as helping my parents who are living off of SS only. My ROI has been great in this regard. I’ve also been stacking Silver coins for some time now and plan on continuing.

        I’m sure there are more things that just don’t come to mine right now as I type this late at night. Overall, I’ve grown a little leery of mass online movements in general and still prefer to believe in the power of an informed mind. That’s how I’ll keep trying to make a difference.


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