Senior HSBC Banker Falls to Death in London…I Can Only Imagine What He Knew

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Michael Foreman, 48, fell from a fifth-floor balcony in the members’ bar area of the gallery on the South Bank last Tuesday evening.

The banker, who lived in Grays, Essex, with his wife Janet, was reported missing the day before he died.

Police are not treating the incident as suspicious.   (Of course not, don’t be silly!)

I can only imagine what info this guy had.  RIP

Full article here.


4 thoughts on “Senior HSBC Banker Falls to Death in London…I Can Only Imagine What He Knew

  1. Gee do you think it had anything to do with this:–faces-640million-fine.html

    When will people truly understand that these incidences are not isolated but incredibly systemic? The media always treats each new banking scandal with surprise, like this is the first time over and over and over. OK I’m done venting. Good post , thanks!

  2. Hey Michael:

    Yeah this case would seem to conform to a time-honored method of handling those that know too much. I’d love a quick count how many such folks have gone over the railing since 9/11, the day the cabal’s operations dropped any pretense of delicacy or subtlety. Hubris is the order of the day, I guess, all the way down the chain of command to the fellas that do the wetwork.

    The thing about these cases, and the others of their ilk–the suicides of the ebullient; the sudden heart-attacks of the healthy and youthful; the car and plane crashes; the “random acts of violence” that include a double-tap to the forehead and one to the heart–is that they’re easy to sus out—particularly when there’s a conspicuous element of fortuitous timing. The day before the big announcement; a week before the trial begins; the night before the congressional hearing; blah, blah, bloody blah.

    Those of us that are really paying attention look for the “real target” in the “random” multi-victim massacres. Sometimes the real target is in the room and sometimes he’s not. But either way he’s neutralized.

    An excellent recent example was the execution of Judge Roll in Arizona. The apparent target was the congresswoman, and all the circumstantial evidence of the killer’s obsession was centered on her. But the list of the dead included a constitutionally minded Federal Judge. You know the kind, the ones with a life appointment? Now: Put on your black hat on for a minute and ask yourself, Is any clandestine operative stupid enough to shoot a sitting congressman when he or she can always be tossed into the dustbin of history at re-election, no more than 24 months away? Next question, Is there any other way of removing a principled Federal Judge appointed for life? So, let’s try this again, who was the target that day?

    And, so, to tie this all back to LIBOR, and the incredible shrinking witness list, well add Mr. Robert Holmes, a senior FICO analyst, apparently scheduled to testify to the Senate shortly, replete with computer evidence. (That conspicuous time element again, right?) It’s not that he’s been killed, it’s just that he’s busy. His son is James Holmes, the suspect in the Batman movie massacre. That single father-son-FICO-LIBOR knot tells me the kid, freaky as he may be, wasn’t the guy behind the mask killing people that night. He’s being patsied to send a message: Testify and your boy gets the chair.

    Now, because these guys are rational assholes, and having learned the lesson from Judge Roll’s example, we now have to ask, Who among the dead needed to go? That is, Since the kill team in order to frame Holmes had free reign to kill folks, why pick one multi-plex Cinema over another? Then: Why one screening over another? The answer is in the role of the dead. Anyone notice someone interesting or unique, that might “fall” in that category populated by bank execs and weapons inspectors and madams and whistleblowers and journalists and on and on ad nauseum, that knew too much? He’s there somewhere.

  3. UK is runned to today by fasciist criminals. Dont forget that the scum at Bank of England is implicated in the LIBOR scandal and now this at HSBC. I do not why we would should be surprised. The British were always heavily involved in selling smack. Remember Jardine Matheson and Huthchson Whapoa. UK has always played a MAJOR in the drug business. In reality UK financial system is a parasite. So is the Ciry.

    • The British Royals fortune comes from massive opium sales in the 19th century done in China and India. You think that Windsor family parasites and their bunch are out of the business. Today they share the business with the New-York banksters and the rest of the european banking scum. International Bankers are scum. HSBC scumbags ares just the point of the iceberg. They are ALL in it. In USA Wells Fargo does the same thing. Warren Buffett that snake, profited handsomely of the businnes in Mexico. .

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