NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg Throws a Tantrum: Says Cops Should Strike Until Citizens are Disarmed

Poor little billionaire mayor of NYC, Mike Bloomberg, is at it again!  Clearly he couldn’t handle the heat he got for using the tragedy in the state of Colorado (where I happen to actually live) to push his anti-gun agenda.  So how does a megalomaniac cry baby respond?  By throwing a temper tantrum of course.

While on Piers Morgan show on CNN, this despotic control freak showed his true colors.  When asked by Mr. Morgan: “Why do so many Americans not feel angry enough to demand further gun control?” Here’s his answer:

Well, I would take it one step further. I don’t understand why the police officers across this country don’t stand up collectively and say, we’re going to go on strike. We’re not going to protect you. Unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what’s required to keep us safe.

There you go folks.  This guy, who is the mayor of the largest city in the United States, doesn’t really care about public safety.  He wants to disarm you and he becomes a petulant child about it when he can’t get his way.  In this excellent article from the WSJ, the author rightly tears Bloomberg apart.  He writes:

And whether Bloomberg meant to suggest a real strike threat or an empty one, it seems obvious that such a move would be counterproductive. The prospect of police shirking their duty to protect the citizenry strengthens, not weakens, the case for private ownership of firearms and other tools of self-defense.

A police strike, as Bloomberg figured out a day late, is illegal in itself. Bloomberg’s strike would be for the purpose of curtailing the citizenry’s constitutional rights. The mayor urged an unlawful rebellion by government employees against their employers, the people. Since ours is a government of the people, established by the Constitution, this was nothing less than a call for insurrection.

Full article here.


32 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg Throws a Tantrum: Says Cops Should Strike Until Citizens are Disarmed

  1. And yet there are those who will blindly support him both in his current office as well as in his obviously transparent future run at the White House.

    And you thought Obummer was bad…

  2. Interestingly, I have known several officers over the years and all of them, emphasize all, have been in FAVOR of civillian gun ownership.

    • John:
      All your police officer friends, you mentioned, were civilians. So, of course they’re in favor of civilian firearms ownership.
      Police are civilians, just like everybody else.
      Warm regards

  3. Bloomberg is right. Simple. Guns have been banned in the UK and Australia in the last 20 years following massacres such as the Colorado one and these have not happened since. The guns held privately have been purchased by governments and destroyed during an amnesty period. I am surprised that Obama cannot show the leadership on this that Bloomberg is.

    Walter Sear, Melbourne Australia

    • Just because the people in the UK and Australia have sheepishly given up their weapons does not mean the USA should. Look what happened with those riots in the UK. There was not a single shop owner, homeowner or person that could protect themselves from the roaming band of hoodlums. God forbid there is an abuse of power at the hand of the Government. You cannot do a thing about it.The UK is practically a police state anyway (cameras on every corner) so I would say it is a lost cause.

    • He will not get my guns. Period. And he will not get the guns of the bad guy’s. I want to keep mine so when the bad guy comes around I’ll be armed.

    • So Walter, do you truly believe that a person with the mindset to go into a crowded movie theater, or restaurant, or school and kill a large number of people actually gives to squirts rather the gun he uses is legal or not? I don’t understand the idiocy of people who think the ultimate law breaker would be stopped by a law against guns… Israel has stopped all of there mass murder violence as well… They required more gun ownership. Teachers, judges, etc… More guns in the hands of mature law abiding citizens is the ONLY way to stop violaence like this.

  4. You lost Walter, were not going to be a loser in this country like you. As Heston said those 5 simple words; “From my cold dead hands.”

    • Loser am I? I don’t think so. I can go to a movie or a university without fear. Your country is going to continue to endure massacres from time to time until the Heston’s of this world are finally considered wrong. What was appropriate when the 2nd amendment was written over 200 years ago does not apply today. You are fortunate there are men like Bloomberg finally querying the wisdom of the status quo.

      • Walter are you saying that magically there are no more criminals? That there is no gun violence at all? Are you implying that outlawing firearms for the general public has had an impact on ownership by criminals? If so, you are even more daft that I thought. Funny that the news does not reflect this.

        If even one person in the theater in Aurora was concealed carrying, the loss of life would have been minimized significantly.

      • Walter the bogan cretin forget to mention the muslim riots that went unchecked…what a welfare queen! We remind you of the Jewish sheeps that went to the Shoah slaughter obediently …of course, his islamo-nazi-commie kind will deny it happened…

  5. Bill Cooper speech Feb 23 1991

    ” The only obstacle to the New World Order coming together at this moment is the right of the American to keep and bear arms, that is why there is such an effort to take your guns away from you.”

    What is Agenda 21?

  6. Walter, do you mean like in anti-gun Norway where a maniac went to a summer camp for children dressed up like a police officer and slaughter a bunch of unarmed kids for example? See that’s the funny thing about facts, sometimes they get in they way of political agendas. Stay in Australia, America doesn’t want you.

  7. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    Isn’t it also true that police are under no legal obligation or duty to protect individual citizens?

    How do Alpha Hotels like Bloomberg get elected in the first place, that is quite a problem in itself.

    • Easy to explain. Bloomberg is a billionaire. He BUYS the elections. Someone he thinks he knows best for all and has been implementing his ‘greater good’ policies since he was elected. Banning guns, smoking, and now he is going after soft drinks. I don’t smoke or drink soft drinks…but isn’t this AMERICA? Why does some clown with money think he has the right to dictate to others what they can and cannot do??
      He has a short memory. He is Jewish, yet serves his NWO masters well.

      • It’s no accident America is seeing a strange crop appearing in the “leadership” market. Plant a seed, see what comes up; the seeds were diligently sown in the last forty years as the Left slowly, inexorably gained control of academia and the entertainment-news dissemination platforms. Now they hold political power unchecked and probably uncheckable, at this point.

  8. Bloomberg and his buddies banksters want to disarm US population. Hitler did the same thing. Bloomberg is quite the same. It is not about protecting policemen

  9. Tough words from an elitist who surrounds himself with a heavily armed guard. Let’s face it, the man believes that the rabble cannot be trusted with dangerous instruments like guns. Perhaps his opinion would change if he were to follow his own draconian gun laws and his guards were forced to defend him like the rest of New Yorkers do. His kind makes me sick.

    • Obviously bloomberg like most of our senators and congressmen do NOT know the constitution. A very good read is the Second amendment primer. Everyone should read it. It lays out the basis for the 2nd amendment.

  10. Please, let the police go on strike – for a full month at least.
    First few days might be a little chaotic then you will probably see a sharp and significant drop in the level of criminal activity as responsible private citizens “take care of business” when confronted by the criminal element that didn’t get the memo that the main protection for their “rights” as an un-indited felon have gone on vacation.

  11. So guns kill people? Cars kill people too, shouldn’t we outlaw cars?
    It’s a psy-op: a false flag operation, followed by “lone nut killer” stories in all the CIA-controlled media, then calls for “gun control”.

    This is not about gun control. It is about government control. It is about creating an unarmed citizenry, to make total domination by a despotic government even easier than it already is.

    If you turn off the gov’t controlled TV and inform yourself about this country’s liberation from bondage under the last tyranny, we can prevent the next one.

    This is not about gun control. It is about government control.

  12. Revolution is coming folks, with Obum getting in as a legal pres. has sent our used to be wonderful
    country into chaos. Immigration should have been stopped years ago. Numbers are our problem.

  13. Are you aware the crime rate sky rocketed 42% AFTER gun ownership was band!!!! The right to keep and bears arms is our constitutional right. It was put there to keep dictators and despots from gaining power.

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