Don’t Live in Fear: New In-Person Interview with Future Money Trends

While I was at Freedom Fest in Vegas, I was able to meet Dan Amerduri of Future Money Trends for the first time.  We also had a chance to record an in-person interview, which is the first time I have done that format.  We cover all the bases in this one, but the main message I try to convey is that “awake” people must not live in fear.  The system owns you emotionally when you live in fear.  Knowing that the system is a giant ponzi scheme run by sociopaths is scary, but life is short.  You can and must enjoy life while fighting these criminals, otherwise they win.  Give yourself to love, compassion and truth.  Those are the things TPTB hate the most.

I think this is one of the best interviews I have done, so please take the time.

In Liberty, Mike


10 thoughts on “Don’t Live in Fear: New In-Person Interview with Future Money Trends

  1. Did Mike have an NDE? Basically don’t forget you are a spirit living in a material world and you will get the lessons you should have depending upon your prelife soul goals and agreements.
    So…don’t worry…be happy. Most people in the U.S. live in houses of intense clutter with 2,500 objects in each room. Less would actually be more and a good lifestyle change. Go vegan and you won’t need the health care system because you will be healthy.

  2. Live free or Die.
    Anyways we know how it all ends. 6 feet undenneath. Might as well stop being scared of banksters and government. Fear is their food and fuel. These people cease to have power on us when we remember that our life is only a loan, and that finance is a fiction and a fraud. Wall Street and the City of London will eventually be destroyed by their crimes. So will any country trying to imitate these people. It is coming indeed. In 2012.

  3. Mike, please tell your “cameraman” not to shoot against the window, if he is not going to use lights. Your faces are dark, because of no lighting. Also, he should find a better angle, so we see your both eyes in the close up. Further, that huge mike looks weird in the middle of the table.

    The visual noise ruins this otherwise very informative piece.

  4. Mike, You started to say something about nuclear attacks but were interrupted . Can you expound on this topic? Thx.

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