Why I’m Leaving America by Michael Fielding

The more you try to coerce my affection, the more obvious the ploy becomes. All the ridiculous forms of manipulation that go unseen by the masses are the red flags of malicious intent. My obedience isn’t for my protection, but for yours. You don’t want me to see the choice because that leads directly to an investigation of merit. No longer are you a parent that must be respected, but a business transaction that must be evaluated. Well America, your benefits don’t outweigh your costs. You do more harm than good.

It’s not your fault. You were created with one lever, so every time the people wanted change you pulled it. When people got scared about retirement, you gave them Social Security. The price: enslaving the next generation. You put the bill on the backs of their children before they were old enough to vote, and the only choice you provided was pay up, leave or live in a metal cage. When people got scared about flying or drugs or pornography, you pulled the lever and made more threats. All of your rules are coercive. Every single piece of legislation is ultimately backed up by a threat of physical violence. Every law is a gun under the table, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Of course, your greatest supposed benefit is the defense you provide. But what noble defender extorts payment from its clients? How could you possibly be defending us when YOU are our greatest threat? Like the Mafia’s protection racket, our greatest danger presents itself when we refuse to pay. There is only one entity that has ever threatened me with death or imprisonment, and that is YOU. No foreign government, terrorist organization or even a criminal on the street has ever threatened my life or freedom, only you America.

Those are three of my favorite paragraphs from a blog post titled, “Why I’m Leaving America,” which a reader sent me a few days ago.  I am thoroughly impressed.  This kid has a way with words.  I’m sad to see such a thoughtful mind leave our shores, but this should serve as a warning.  These are the folks that feel compelled to pick up and leave given the rampant criminality and corruption that pervades the nation in these dark days.  If things don’t turn around, the brain drain exiting this country will make the decline irreversible.  I hope this doesn’t happen.  Please take the time to read this heartfelt and powerful post…

Goodbye, America.
For as long as I’ve lived you’ve been my only home. I’ve had a wonderful life here. Your inhabitants are almost universally kind, and I’ve become lifelong friends with many of your citizens. All of my family lives here, everyone I have ever known or loved, and I will miss them all a lot. But after 22 years, I feel impelled to leave.

According to your founders, “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one [person] to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be disrespectful.

At first glance, you look like the greatest of all social systems. You seem like a stable and sturdy structure. People look at you and see strength. They see freedom and opportunity, democracy and unity. But a peak behind the curtain reveals a scared old man, desperately trying to maintain an illusion. Your size and complexity hide a simple truth: that you don’t physically exist. You are nothing more than a system of human interaction; not a thing in and of itself, but the result of a widespread pattern of behavior. You emerge from our beliefs, and the actions they compel us to take.

We learn our roles and play them well. The guards act like guards, the judges act like judges, the cops act like cops, and we all pay our taxes. You exist because individuals behave as if you did. Of course this seems patently obvious, but it has some frequently overlooked implications. There is an inherent problem with this sort of system, a cancer written in your genetic code, an inoperable tumor that spells your demise.

The mistake is so subtle that generations have failed to identify it. Your creators devised a way to hide it for centuries. They separated your powers, pitted ambition against ambition to mask your fatal flaw. As long as people were content, as long as your tyranny was well hidden, the problem went unnoticed. But it was there all along, metastasizing beneath the stars and stripes.

The problem is choice. I alone control my actions. Your system depends on us adhering to a certain pattern of behavior, but we each have the power to reject it. You will only survive as long as individuals believe you exist and act accordingly, but you cannot compel the choice. You can never take away my ability to choose life without you, to ignore your behavioral suggestions, to act on my own.

Oh but of course, you tried your best to conceal this fact, to convince me I needed you, to give me faith in your existence, to make me fall in love with you, to count you as my own. You started young, indirectly at first and then directly through my “education”.

For thirteen years I was forced into your indoctrination facilities, and social pressure pushed me into another three and a half. Without a doubt I learned many useful things. I had many wonderful teachers who only wanted what was best for me. I am grateful for their wisdom.

Far more sinister were the unspoken lessons. Structure matters more than content; your hidden messages are far more powerful than what is said aloud in lecture. For more than a decade you required my direct submission to your representative at the front of the class, using all the silly threats that work on a child. You taught me that knowledge is obtained from authority, that all problems have answers in the back of the book. You judged me constantly, trying to teach me to look to others for approval, trying to make me conform. You lead me in the pledge of allegiance over 2,000 times. But worst of all, you tried to parent me. You tried to make me realize a familial bond with you, to make me believe you had my own interests at heart. You tried your best to make me choose you, but it didn’t work.

The more you try to coerce my affection, the more obvious the ploy becomes. All the ridiculous forms of manipulation that go unseen by the masses are the red flags of malicious intent. My obedience isn’t for my protection, but for yours. You don’t want me to see the choice because that leads directly to an investigation of merit. No longer are you a parent that must be respected, but a business transaction that must be evaluated. Well America, your benefits don’t outweigh your costs. You do more harm than good.

I recognize your advantages. I understand you have rivals who treat their citizenry far worse. Raised in another land, it’s possible I would have never received enough information to understand my situation. And for that, I thank you. But it’s not enough. Your existence relies on a mortal sin, and no amount of bribery will sway me to forgive you for it. No number of schools, hospitals, roads or defense networks could ever justify your systematic use of aggressive coercion.

Coercion is “the practice of forcing another party to behave in an involuntary manner by use of threats, intimidation, fraud, or some other form of pressure or force.” Making someone do something they wouldn’t out of their own free will. Aggressive coercion means the initiation of such action. Threatening someone who hasn’t threatened you, defrauding the trusting, harming an innocent; the initiation of force.

Coercion is your single purpose, your only weapon and your only form of control. A government IS a monopoly of the “legitimate” use of aggressive coercion; a monopoly over the initiation of force IS a government. Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

It’s not your fault. You were created with one lever, so every time the people wanted change you pulled it. When people got scared about retirement, you gave them Social Security. The price: enslaving the next generation. You put the bill on the backs of their children before they were old enough to vote, and the only choice you provided was pay up, leave or live in a metal cage. When people got scared about flying or drugs or pornography, you pulled the lever and made more threats. All of your rules are coercive. Every single piece of legislation is ultimately backed up by a threat of physical violence. Every law is a gun under the table, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

I will not support the use of aggressive coercion as a solution to social problems, even implicitly by voting or paying taxes. It causes far more problems than it solves. This isn’t a belief that was handed down to me as many of your citizens obtained their ethics. My belief that that coercion is undesirable and ineffective isn’t based on faith, and I’m open to the possibility that I’m wrong. But this is the conclusion of my sincerest attempt at an objective search for truth. It is a conviction forged with evidence and reason. I don’t believe aggressive coercion is wrong because anyone says so; I won’t support its use because of the way it affects humans as individuals and societies.

This probably seems like a radical and unsubstantiated belief to you. It’s certainly an uncommon principle within your borders. It might be unusual, but popularity has no bearing on truth. On the scale of individual interactions, it’s clear that receiving threats is not desirable. Nobody wants to be coerced, by definition. But what if threats can be used for the common good? What if the negative effects of coercion to a society are outweighed by its benefits? The more I learn about the world, the more I realize that this is not the case. Coercion inhibits the evolutionary search of the free market, it prevents us from trying out new solutions to social problems and from recognizing failures. I’m convinced it’s the cause of almost every problem you purportedly use coercion to solve.

Of course, your greatest supposed benefit is the defense you provide. But what noble defender extorts payment from its clients? How could you possibly be defending us when YOU are our greatest threat? Like the Mafia’s protection racket, our greatest danger presents itself when we refuse to pay. There is only one entity that has ever threatened me with death or imprisonment, and that is YOU. No foreign government, terrorist organization or even a criminal on the street has ever threatened my life or freedom, only you America.

Granted, you provide defense from some of your smaller competitors. You imprison lesser thieves and murderers, a charade to prove your worth. Clearly these are problems that any society must deal with, but ceding the power of legitimate defense to a single entity only exacerbates them. Without feedback such as prices and profit, no one has any idea what methods are effective or desirable. Granting a monopoly of defense is like giving all the guns to an army of deaf men and acting surprised when they don’t respond to our shouts. People deserve a distributed, voluntarily-funded defense network that utilizes free exchange to find the cheapest, most desirable and most effective methods of preventing the initiation of force. Imprisoning tax evaders and drug users while bombing innocent civilians in the Middle East is NOT defense, and I will not allow you to fund your crimes with any portion of the fruits of my labor.

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28 thoughts on “Why I’m Leaving America by Michael Fielding

  1. This piece was brilliant. I suspect part of the coercion for young people is that eventually student debt will be repudiated so that many in your generation will feel a sense of relief and obligation to the Red, White, and Blue terrorist state.

    Because clearly, the portfolio balance channel of forcing the American dream to go higher, the DOW–with all its beloved properties like zero nutrition Mc Donald’s and Coca-Cola; toxic chemical maker Pfizer; tax payer subsidized Wal-Mart and JP Morgan and Exxon and Kraft foods, the largest robber in U.S. history the Bank of Screw You America and many other farces isn’t exactly working for the no portfolio young generation. A generation that is also responsible for the U.S. dollar backed by $80 Trillion in debts and unfunded promises that they had nothing to do with , 1 trillion plus in new additional new debts per year, and a dollar with a zero percent interest policy attached to it. Isn’t that just a lovely visual especially when one considers this is all supported by 2 trillion in regulation compliance a year which makes any real entrepreneurship almost impossible?

    And we wonder why there is such apathy? Will anyone really be surprised when the student debt gets written-off on the U.S. and printed money to lure in a whole o new generation of loyal state slaves?

    Gee, I wonder why the middle class is disappearing.

  2. USA has become a cancer to free markets, democracy and human decency. More specifically by the way WALL STREET. Presently I would say that 99% of it is generated by the nice folks at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Citgroup and Bank of America. . Dont forget that these banksters financed at the same time Hitler and even more incredible Staline. Nothing in reality has changed. USA was controlled by slaves owners. Still is in reality.

  3. Question is, where is he going? I don’t dispute virtually anything he said, but where is it better? Not asking rhetorically or sarcastically, but really, where is that place? A tribe in the South American jungle?

    • As an expat, I’ve thought a lot about this. No place is perfect.

      The US used to be far better than most (for whites, anyway), which is why I find it incredibly frustrating to watch it go down the tubes, as so many ‘patriots’ continue with their ‘we’re #1’ nonsense and shun anyone who tries to express unpopular truths. Best case, Americans wake from their mass delusion and set about fixing things.

      If you don’t think that’s gonna happen in any relevant time frame, consider ex-patriating. The US certainly is not #1 in many, many things. But which place would be better is a personal question, best answered by travel.

      For me, living in South America, while imperfect, is better than being in the US. 1) Politicians, cops, & judges are corrupt here, of course, but their degree of control is much less; 2) What money the shysters do manage to chisel out of you, and it’s less than in the US, you at least have the consolation of knowing half of it isn’t going to bomb innocent people; 3) Many foreigners feel freer here than in the US or Europe–the gov’t doesn’t have its nose in everything you do; 4) An honest entrepreneur can make a go of it here–hard work and a superior service do pay off, and one isn’t choked by excessive regulation whose real purpose is to defend entrenched interests. I see so much more opportunity here. Plenty of disadvantages too, of course…lack of trust, security, and convenience among them.

      If it came to living with a tribe in the jungle, living in a shack in the woods in the US would serve, subject, again, to one’s personal tastes.

    • Lots of places are “better”… but you must think carefully about what constitutes “better” before you realize what is, in fact, “better”. I permanently escaped the USSA more than 2 years ago, and I explored many potential locations for an additional 2 years before the escape.

      I can assure you, a great many places are “better”. Perhaps you are one of the “spoiled brats” who has delusions about the motives and harmfulness of “predators DBA government”. Perhaps you believe “they” will “protect you”, probably from yourself, with free food (food stamps) and 99 weeks of pay for not working — taken from those of us who pay for our own food and spend most of our time, effort, focus, resources and lives producing goods to voluntarily exchange for goods others produce.

      What constitutes “better”? The primary component of my answer is “where predators will leave me alone… let me sink or swim on my own merits”.

      And body do I have news for you! South America is not “a jungle”. You are so completely deluded by absurd erroneous notions that it exposes you as childishly naive. Many parts of South America are amazing! And South America is no more “all the same” (a jungle) than North America.

      But guess what? I lived for a while in the high andes mountains with the “long time natives” (meaning, their ancesors moved there 50,000 years ago, plus or minus). They were the most honest, friendly, genuine people I’ve every met. And they had more “reality smarts” than any 100 people you’ll ever meet in the USSA… meaning, they pay attention to reality, not vapor-speak..

      I’ll tell you “where to go” if you feel like the author of that article (or me). Go where government is minimal and relatively benevolent (so far). Go where they stay out of your business in as many ways as possible. Depending on your preferences, Chile is a goodplace to try. Another approach is move to the boonies somewhere the government is like a bunch of keystone cops that don’t know their butts from a hole in the ground. They may be “totalitarian” in theory, and may even give themselves titles like “king” or other laughable names, but they only have the resources, attention span and interest to screw around with people in their capital city and possibly other or major cities. So move to the boonies in places like this and you can live the good life — a very good life. A great example of this approach is Fiji.

  4. There are many places that are good to go to. Depends on your definition of “where is it better”? I would suggest looking at South America. Many countries there to choose from that are abundant in natural resources and food production which is important as the food supply will be disrupted here and you need to live somewhere that has localized food year round.

    Asia is also a good place to go to. Abundant food production there and dirt cheap living compared to the USA.

  5. You can run but you can’t hide. Might as well stay and fight for your rights, where at least you know the language…. And why is “mass protest” such a horrific concept for libertarians?

  6. Wow. What a brilliant comment. To answer a frequent question thee are many places one might go. All one needs is youth, energy or money, pick any two. Finding an acceptable place is not a big problem. Getting two out of those three might be a difficulty for some of us. Others might not wish to leave loved ones who are not so inclined. Alternatively we could try changing this place, but that seems impossible at the moment.

  7. It is always easier to give up on anything, rather than fight the good fight. Leave us, take flight, you take whatever you need with you…..but you are the problem, not the answer. Help us, make your generation understand, light a light…..this is the best place in the world, our forefathers worked hard to give us this place, freedom- with God’s divine help; our help, we can do this together…leave us, leave God.

    • Seriously, were you drunk when you wrote this? Do you actually believe that God resides in the US? He must be the one feeding the War Machine.

  8. Excellent post. Those of us in our middle years who have woken up are left standing on top of a house of cards. We invested our best years of youth building personal infrastructures that we now see crumbling beneath our feet. Those of us with businesses see government as our worst enemy and the object of our deepest fears. I like Fielding’s comment about how when you are a hammer, you see everything as a nail. Government in a nutshell. We who have spent half our lives building our little domains will most likely elect to stay and fight. I don’t blame young people for wanting to flee. Either way, we are all going to need courage….. and virtue.

    • Go ahead and “flee”. But ‘You will never stop fleeing’! There isn’t any place that’s that far awat, or ‘easier’, or ‘more perfect’. It doesn’t exist… unless you ;make it exist’. I have done this, si I know. No there’s no free lunch… no free ride. Yes there are some legigimate complaints out there.. gues what.. It’s the ‘real world’. You want it better? Then how about ‘You’ work and do ‘Your part’. (If you don’t want to do that…Then I suggest that you just step-off the planet ~

  9. Galt’s Gulch sounds better… Until I start looking for it, I will live the illusion that we can better a corrupted system…

      • The problem lies with the corrupt history of almost every Argentine Government; the founders of the US knew that one needed strong Defense to keep foreign leeches away. The word of the Argentine Govt is good until they are desperate enough to default on contracts. Galt’s Gulch is where the productive class seeks refuge away from parasitic populists. Your spot looks lovely but what is required is a spot where one is free to build industry and keep the benefit of one’s production. Ayn Rand knew that such a place needed to be unknown; the temptation is simply too much after some time and despair to keep populist leeches away…

  10. The author hits on a fact that almost nobody notices, but is crucially important — and one I’ve been harping on for years — government does not exist. This is absolutely, positively, completely and literally true, and everyone needs to understand this. It is pure, unadulterated, blatant, flaming, clinical insanity to say something exists just because many people respond to the idea. If that was a measure of anything, clearly Santa Claus exists, because millions if not billions of people believe Santa Claus exists, and billions more take actions based upon the assumption Santa Claus and his toy factory and reindeer all exist.

    My favorite way to describe the problems of modern world are:

    predators DBA government
    predators DBA corporations
    predators DBA central banks

    What is destroying the world is predators. Just because these predators call themselves “government” or “corporation” or “central bank” does not make those names correspond with anything real, and does not change the fact that the predators are preying upon billions of human beings.

    The entirety of mankind is LITERALLY insane. Not just a little confused, but stark, raving, flaming, bananas, bouncing-off-the-walls insane… far worse than a roomful of psychotic chimps. The entirety of mankind spends the majority of his time, effort, focus, attention and resources on UTTER fictions — things that do not exist. Well, the inability to distinguish “exists” from “does not exist” is the most fundamental and primary form of insanity. Yet this is the afflication that has captured virtually every human being on planet earth to a large degree, and most are completely captured.

    I was 4 years old when I realized the following, and asked adults about the problem. If human beings create powerful “institutions”, then won’t those individuals who are most intent on power and control invest the most time, effort and resources trying to gain control of those institutions? Of course, the adults back then do what they still do today, just shake their heads, wave their hands at me, and walk away. But the fact is, that phenomenon is as clear to every horrific-minded human being today as it was to me at age 4. And sure enough, they spent their lives doing whatever they had to do in order to gain control of the highest “office” they could.

    Now, virtually ALL positions of power are held by power-lusting psychotics. Is anyone surprised that the predators protect their own? You shouldn’t be! A great many predators hunt in packs, and most human predators find it advantageous to operate that way too.

    The only solution for mankind is to keep ever fiction marked very clearly as FICTION in their minds, and always notice the REAL or FICTION label on every concept their think with, every time they think. And be very clear… a so-called fiction “does not exist”. Or to be more precise, the “mental unit” exists (“Santa Claus”, “government”, “church”, “president”, “police officer”, etc), but the mental unit has no referent. In some cases there is a “human being”, but not a “police officer”. In other cases there are “buildings” and “books” and “human beings”, but not government.

    The originators of “law” centuries ago created the term “fictitious entity” to apply to all organizations — governments, corporations, societies, clubs, etc. They were very clear, and that term “fictitious entity” is still a key part of fundamental law. Take that seriously! They knew what they were talking about. Which is why “consent of the governed” and other ideas became central principles of “honest government” (to the extent that notion or any fictional notion can be made “honest”). Well, listen up, predators. Since 4 years old my statement has been a firm, clear, self-conscious “I do not consent to be governed”.

    You got that?

    I do.

    • LOL May I suggest a scientific test to see if government really exists?
      Refuse to pay any taxes to this non existing government.
      Next, test to see if prison really exists, and finally if prison gang rape really exists.
      Please check back with your results.

      • Until you are ready to be unplugged from The Matrix, you are the enemy. Make no mistake about that.

  11. (LOL)
    I love your post!
    I think this ‘kid’ has a great mind. He is obviously intellegent and observant. He is also correct in many of his condemnations of the US and ‘the system’. My reverence stops there. What follows applies to many of you ex-pats and would be ex-pats.

    This is (was) ‘your’ country. Like it or not if you were asked by anyone or even if you were to ask yourself, assuming you haven’t renounced your citizenship yet, ‘Which country is mine?’. The answer is obviously America. Which by default makes you an American. The Constitution sets out the guidelines for a government for you and defines what ‘Rights’ you have. That is basically it. ‘We’ are free to screw it (the govewrnment and the country) up as we see fit. We have done a great job at that in my estimation. What we haven’t done is work together to try and ‘fix’ the problem. I like the quote from the movie Red October in this case. ” A little revolution now and again is a good thing. Don’t you think?” I would prefer a bloodless one, but a little one would be a good thing don’t you think? If anyone agrees then the next obvious question is, how? That is quite simple also. By inspiring young minds like Michael Fielding to stay in ‘his’ country and help with the teardown of the old and the rebuilding of the new. I can fully appreciate his desire to set out to sea with the wind in his face and an unknown Shangri-la just over the next horizon. In my estimation he doesn’t need all of the hyperbole and the long diatribe to excuse his actions. Just go! Have a great time. Look for the next heaven on earth. Learn all you can and then use that exceptioonal mind and return to HELP others less blessed. The real tradgedy here is that we are hemorraging our greatest resource. Young minds like his. I will be bold here and hope that he gets this post.
    Michael you are needed here. The road less traveled is the most difficult. However, it holds the highest rewards. If you can look at yourself in the mirrior in ten or twenty years and say that there was nothing you could have done to help just one of those you let behind. You will have made the correct choice. If you are unable to do that. The knowledge of it will always be a place you will be unable to go. You need to make this voyage. You need the experience. Use it wisely.

  12. I personally say… this winer can’t possibly leave America fast enough to suit me (or many others in the more silent majority). I’m only sorry that he has been able partake and benefit at all, from all the personal sacrafices that so many Americans going back centurys made, giving up their very lives, so that he is free to wine like a snotty nose ‘entitled’ inmature complainer that he is. Good-riddence! (and NO, Don’t even think about coming back!)

    • As one who has worked in DC for the past 30 years performing my service for the following agencies;
      Having performed my duties for the following institutions over the last 30 years;
      Secret Service
      Various military bases
      Law and lobbyist firms
      Homeland Security
      Corrective Institutions and major research facilities under many
      Administrations, I would say the following to you…..
      Those in power and have been in power have for decades have had places secured outside this country long before this young man came to his conclusions.
      They only have one obligation as they see it and that is self preservation for themselves and their families.
      You are under a great illusion if you think otherwise.
      There was a time when captains who went down with the ship were considered heroic and honored. No longer.
      They are seen as fools dying for an antiquated concept and quickly forgotten in time.
      Throwing your life and freedom away for the sake of empty romanticism has little value when the world neither cares nor benefits from empty sacrifice. It is only self serving and a form of intellectual masturbation. It may make you feel good, but it doesn’t produce life.
      I have placed myself in harms way for my country many times.
      Yet when the battle is clearly lost, you withdraw and live to fight another day.

      • Dear ‘Name not given’,

        First of all… Thanks for all the service that you have provided to your fellow countrymen. We appriciate it!

        Second… I also appriciate your contrarian view on “romanticized” honor & sacrafice to one’s country & countrymen. Based on your own experiences, obsevations and drawn conclusions, I have to respect your views, sad as they are..

        However I really don’t think they apply to this young ‘know it all’ who already is writing off an awful lot of greatness that came before him…which has allowed him the freedom to say such adolesent things. Its pretty easy for newbes to put down all that exists, and to assume and claim that everyone else is and has been wrong… and that they are brilliant enough to see all the hopeless failings of those who have gotten him to this advanced point in our human progress (as imperfect as it is). There is a great saying that many of us have heard and respected:
        “Either lead… Or get out of the way of those who will”

        I say he needs to “Get out of the way”! He is providing NOTHING of any usefulness what so ever. Only whinning, complaining, ducking responsibility, and trying to bring everyone else down to his weak/depressed level. He totally all about himself… and only about himself. There is a word for that… its ‘Selfish’
        How about some leadership?? (If he thinks he’s so smart…?)


  14. This is another rant on “Big government”, not that brillant and too lengthy!! Yes , the “government ” spends too much and taxes too much but should you then give up on America?? Some here say South America?? Asia?? TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!! I do not think that those places are the Utopia you seek unless you are going only for the “cheap” cost of living!! Which you can find here in the remote USA. Unfortunately there are no new “nations” with hope being made nowadays , USA was the last one, so better to improve the old ones we got!!

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  16. Enjoyed the read and have to say that this young man has certainly pinpointed several astute points but in my humble opinion has missed some of the “bigger picture” aspects in his reasoning. Hold on a sec and let me climb on my soapbox.

    He begins with the premise that by definition government rules by coercion which falls into an area of philosophical debate that is as old as governments themselves and is quite true. I have been reading pieces that this kid mimics quite well but he (they) points out only the negatives without postulating what would work better over the long term. The philosophical debate is really much deeper by trying to determine the sweet spot between coercion and freedom and how to maintain a balance over long periods of time. This is where it always falls apart – in the long term. Our nature itself precludes a working balance for more than a few decades or more specifically – multiple generations. Even when it works (balance) – it is usually not a beatiful thing to behold.

    This is where I believe our educational system fails. We are trained to think in terms of ideals (structure) without taking into account what effect human nature (mechanics) plays in making a system work through multiple generations. Generations that live through calamity understand perfectly well the ugly side of imbalance but generations that don’t experience the calamities only know what they have experienced and think they are more evolved than past generations and don’t recognize the dangers that certain imbalances present. So what happens is – the calamity generations enact rules and regulations to dissuade the imbalances they experienced – only to be torn down by future generations that consider the rules antiquated and a hindrance to their own progress. Hence the imbalances begin anew – until a new set of calamities occur a generation or two later. Wash – Rinse – Repeat.

    I mention our education because now that I have a better perspective to read and understand what our founding fathers understood and told us what would happen over time. They understood and stated in their writing that the nature of governments and bureaucracies is to grow and form grotesque imbalances (power) over time and that the people would need to fight their governments at times in the future. Some stated it quite graphically – that blood would need to be shed at times.

    Why – because that is what happens EVERY SINGLE TIME when given enough space and time. Why – because it is in our nature to compete – to be jealous – to be envious – to be greedy – to find an edge – etc etc etc (is this the real “cancer in the genetic code” he refers to – literally?) until the imbalance grows into something that favors certain groups over other groups and becomes unstable. It is those same traits that give us progress and competition to move forward and create new things.

    So the same traits that brought us to this modern world also create the ugly imbalances that form the basis of our catastrophes. That is our history and it is unwavering and without exception since the dawn of time (man). Remember the US has experienced multiple generational interruptions and is in it’s 5th iteration of the American dollar. These things need to be recognized, taught and remembered as educational basics.

    The same argument could be made about credit (another oft repeated imbalance). All the credit that has been pumped into the system in the form of debt (since the early 80’s) raised living standards and allowed R&D and other technologies to move forward at a much faster rate than normal not to mention the boom in housing that credit injections created. Which in hindsight simply brought forward several decades worth of demand in a short 7 year period. All this money entering the system in such a short period of time let us live in an accelerated and glorious fashion for awhile. Only thing is – our economists (Keynesian) forgot about the paying back part and that is the problem we are fighting worldwide right now. Point being – that the same inundation of money that created a wealth of accelerated progress and improved living standards also laid the foundation of our current major financial problem – debt. These are both normal and repeated cycles.

    What is their solution to this problem? MORE credit!! Listen some time when they say: here’s our next solution _______ fill in the blank. After they state their next ______solution they say: and this will get credit working again. CREDIT is the problem. We have to figure out the paying back part (hard) – not the let’s spend more part (easy). Their whole model only works in one direction (total imbalance). It’s not an imbalance that hasn’t been seen before. Just read Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Lord Acton and many other historians from the past that speak about banking institutions or their equivalents in the past. I guess we haven’t reached the recognition stage – yet. This imbalance needs to be reversed NOT exacerbated. These things need to be recognized, taught and remembered as educational basics.

    Another paradox (cancer) to our idealism is the simple fact that to be a politician you have to have backers and to have backers you have to provide something for them to support and you can’t please everyone, so you are creating imbalances by definition. This illustrates why the ideal can never be achieved and if it is – it can never last for long.

    Individually we all experience history in what part of the cycle we live in – government at times can be very beneficial or benevolent and at other times very coercive and oppressive again it depends on when your life happens to intersect with the cycle as to what experience you

    Either naturally or through conditioning we tend to perceive the world in a static state or that things can stay the same even though intellectually we know that things always change. These cycles of imbalance and progress are both literally caused by our nature itself. Perhaps we would be better served to teach this as part of the human condition.

    Here are just a few quotes that should remind us that what we face today is not new. At this point in time (cycle) we can actually understand or will soon learn exactly why Thomas Jefferson warned:

    And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies ….

    We must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt…..

    John Adams said:

    Banks have done more injury to religion, morality, tranquility, prosperity, and even wealth of the nation than they have done or ever will do good.

    And Lord Acton argued:

    The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.

    To wrap up – I give this young man props for an intelligently written essay but point out that he is missing several major factors and ultimately he sounds like a young man who is facing, perhaps for the first time, that the real world doesn’t necessarily line up with what he was taught this country is all about. We have all reached these moments in our lives and at times it is a rude awakening. I believe he was extremely fortunate to have been born and raised in arguably the freest country in history and he lacks the age and life experience that is necessary to offer a better perspective.

    • Mr. Shockey, Sir:
      You have provided an extremely well thought out and balanced response to the essay. In particular the CONTRAST between your years of experience & intelligent conclusions, compared to that young kid’s quite arrogant (know it all) rant. Thanks for taking the time to put your knowledge and views out there for all of us to consider, absorb and learn from.

  17. yes, the above rant has some merit, however, GOOD RIDDANCE please leave our shores, and do not come back. we do not want or need your kind here. you are a coward of the worst sort. instead of staying to fight the good fight…you run off to some “safer” nation, in hopes that those of us idiots who are dumb enough to stay here will fight FOR you, so when things are back to normal, you can come back and “live the good life”?? Fuck you. you were NEVER one of us.

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