Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses

I do not claim to know what happened on 9/11.  As many of my readers know, I was there on that day and watched the towers falls in person.  I can tell you one thing.  There is ZERO doubt in my mind that the story we have been fed is 100% BS.  The reason this is so important is because I think whatever criminal syndicate was responsible for 9/11 is considering another major false flag to further their police state takeover.  Please watch this video with an open mind and do your own work.  I cannot confirm the facts in it, but if you have doubts do some research on them.

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7 thoughts on “Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses

  1. Mike, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( and their recent DVD release called “9/11: Experts Speak Out” puts the official narrative of 9/11 to rest IMHO. Currently over 1700 professionals have signed a petition calling for a new investigation.

    Great blog. Peace.

  2. Copied from a post on another site… somewhere.


    “Do you know what date in Jewish calendar is 27th of July when the Olympics open?

    It is the 9th of Av. Av is 11th month in Jewish calendar.

    In Europe we’d say that Olympics opening ceremony is 9/11 in Jewish calendar!

    The Ninth of Av is Jewish day of mourn, because through history Jewish people suffered a lot on the exact date:

    – First Temple destroyed in Jerusalem on the same date – The Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – Second Temple destroyed in Jerusalem, which occurred about 655 years after the First, but on the same date – The Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – Expulsion of the jewish people from Spain in 1492 on the same date – The Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – Failure of the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire also on the Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – jewish people were expelled from England the Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – The First Crusade was declared by Pope Urban II on July 20, 1095 (Av 9, 4855 AM), killing 10,000 jewish people in its first month and destroying Jewish communities in France and the Rhineland on the Ninth of Av (9/11)
    – World War I broke out on the Ninth of Av (9/11), causing unprecedented devastation across Europe and set the stage for World War II and the Holocaust.
    – The mass deportation began of jewish people from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka on the Ninth of Av (9/11).

    OLYMPIC GAMES IN LONDON start on the Ninth of Av (9/11)!

  3. Nothing very mysterious. What is the problem ? You still think USA is a democracy ? It is not specially when it comes to defending big oil and the Middle East interests. So you still believe the official version about 911? What about the massive amounts of thermite found in WTC dust ? By the way the european specialist whot found the thermite (high powered explosive ONLY used by the US army and the Pentagon) also died in a car .

  4. Agreed–I don’t know what did happen that day, but the official story is nonsense, as James Corbett makes clear in this 5 minute vid:

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