JP Morgan Spews “Cashless Society” Propaganda in TV Ad

Look how cutesy JP Morgan is in their ad talking up the benefits of a cashless society, which is one of the key goals of TPTB.  Why is the war on cash a key goal?  Well if all your wealth is digital and they don’t like you…sorry we don’t know how your account got deleted sir.  Perhaps you shouldn’t have spoken out against the government.  Meanwhile, let’s not forget JP Morgan was right there in the middle of the MF Global missing funds and now seems to be there with PFG Best as well.  It’s true yet no one wants to talk about it.  See this Huffington Post piece.  Two words: Gold & Silver.



6 thoughts on “JP Morgan Spews “Cashless Society” Propaganda in TV Ad

  1. Exactly- Gold, God and Silver ( 3 words ). Once a cashless basis is in place we will be complete economic slaves with the exception of those that have solid assets such as PM

  2. No JOBS, NO INCOME, NO ASSETS. Reminds me of NINJA loans in California. JP Morgan is the incarnation of what stinks in USA. This company should be destroyed and its management put in prison for life.Blood sucking corporate fascists financial terrorist parasites.

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  4. Total control over every aspect of your life is the end game. The real profit here is in transaction fees and taxes. They want the alternative economy to die. Got gold? Got silver? Better get some

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