The FDA is Caught Spying on its Employees and Creating an “Enemies List”

Ah, so now we see the surveillance state is indeed everywhere.  This is what happens when the government itself claims the right the tear up the supreme law of the land – The U.S. Constitution – and just track anyone they want anytime they want.  When I first woke up to the gigantic fraud that is the global monetary system I thought I had figured it all out.  Boy was I wrong.  The more stones I overturn, the more I see the syndicate is indeed everywhere.  The food industry and the healthcare industry are indeed as corrupt as the financial system.  Just like the “regulators” in the financial markets simply serve as gatekeepers for the bankster oligarchs, so too does the FDA serve as a gatekeeper to the pharmaceutical elite.  You know the corporations that in many cases are more interested in keeping you sick and selling you medicine than actually curing disease.

Key quotes from this NY Time article:

WASHINGTON — A wide-ranging surveillance operation by the Food and Drug Administration against a group of its own scientists used an enemies list of sorts as it secretly captured thousands of e-mails that the disgruntled scientists sent privately to members of Congress, lawyers, labor officials, journalists and even President Obama, previously undisclosed records show.

The agency, using so-called spy software designed to help employers monitor workers, captured screen images from the government laptops of the five scientists as they were being used at work or at home. The software tracked their keystrokes, intercepted their personal e-mails, copied the documents on their personal thumb drives and even followed their messages line by line as they were being drafted, the documents show.

With the documents from the surveillance cataloged in 66 huge directories, many Congressional staff members regarded as sympathetic to the scientists each got their own files containing all their e-mails to or from the whistle-blowers. Drafts and final copies of letters the scientists sent to Mr. Obama about their safety concerns were also included.

While federal agencies have broad discretion to monitor their employees’ computer use, the F.D.A. program may have crossed legal lines by grabbing and analyzing confidential information that is specifically protected under the law, including attorney-client communications, whistle-blower complaints to Congress and workplace grievances filed with the government.

Representative Chris Van Hollen, a Maryland Democrat who has examined the agency’s medical review procedures, was listed as No. 14 on the surveillance operation’s list of targets — an “ancillary actor” in the efforts to put out negative information on the agency. (An aide to Mr. Van Hollen was No. 13.)

F.D.A. officials went to the inspector general at the Department of Health and Human Services to seek a criminal investigation into the possible leak, but they were turned down. The inspector general found that there was no evidence of a crime, noting that “matters of public safety” can legally be released to the news media.

Undeterred, agency officials began the electronic monitoring operation on their own.

Full article here.


One thought on “The FDA is Caught Spying on its Employees and Creating an “Enemies List”

  1. This really is disturbing. But its a great example of regulatory agencies not working for the people, but working for the cartels they keep in power. That is one of the major road blocks for liberals to overcome (myself included), to come to the realization that regulatory agencies aren’t there to look out for you. They are there to keep out competition and keep the current structure (or cartel) in place. If this NYT article didn’t convince you that the FDA is essentially the gestapo, check out this documentary. You might enjoy it.

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