U.S. Officers to Make Arrests in Canada: A Clear Threat to Sovereignty

I know, I know, many people will try to brush this off as no big deal.  So what?  If bad guys cross into Canada we need to be able to nab them right?

My point is why now?  My point is why sneak this into an omnibus bill so there is little public debate?  This is all about boiling the frog to death (us) so that we don’t realize we are cooked.  We must be alert to the fact that this is part of a much bigger trend we are seeing.  A move toward ending sovereignty.  A move toward global government in which there are no free states in which to hide.  Many people have talked about Canada being a safe place to go.  Guess not…

Key Quotes:
When the Conservative government passed its controversial omnibus budget bill last month, it included new powers for certain U.S. law enforcement agents that critics say could have ramifications for Canadian sovereignty.

This means they’ll be armed and have the powers to arrest suspects in Canadian territory.

“This is a highly controversial integrated border enforcement program that jeopardizes Canadian sovereignty and potentially compromises the personal privacy of individual Canadians,” wrote NDP MP Brian Masse, critic for Canada-U.S. border issues.

“A program that cedes sovereignty, reduces privacy and requires significant new investment must be fully debated and understood prior to its implementation,” he said.

Although the law deals with Canadian and U.S. waters, some are raising concerns that the next phase of the plan, a land-based version of integrated policing, could be more problematic.

“How do you define a border operation? How far inland does it go? These are things that need to be dealt with in an open way. Instead they seem to be negotiating through mostly closed-door talks with U.S. officials.”

You guys get the joke yet?  Posting from Salinas, Utah…Mike

Full article here.


19 thoughts on “U.S. Officers to Make Arrests in Canada: A Clear Threat to Sovereignty

  1. Canada does not exist. It never existed. In reality Canada is a fiction specially when I think about english speaking Canadians. Canadians are disgusting people when it comes to thier slavish love towards USA. Canada desserves to go to hell. Harper that USA corporate fascist is quite representative of the average Canadian. Unfortunately. As for sovereignty Canada has always been a total farce ! Canada is populated by stupid, Hollywood Ronald McDonald Coca Colea fed people without any politcal culture. In reality Canada, after being a colony of Great Britain, is now a US colony.

    • This person is a total a wacko non imaginative anti Canadian…Canadian people the real one’s are very nice humans…The rest is in your imagination..

    • “Canada does not exist.”

      This first statement is enough for me to stop reading entirely, shake my head and laugh at you.
      You need a geography lesson.

    • You have no clue about Canada and Canadians. Harper was voted in by less than 40% of the Canadian people and DEFINITELY IS NOT representative of the average Canadian. He is a pawn of corporate hegemons and more closely resembles a US politician. You need to separate the governing structure of a country and the people that inhabit it. I don’t hate Americans but I despise their corrupt government whose techniques for the usurpation of our rights and freedoms is being imported into Canada by the likes of pukes like Harper.

      • Yeah. But Harper is still in power and I do not see the average canadian USA fed slob in the street manifesting against Harper and his gang. You Canadians have strictly no identity. It would take about 48 hours to abolish and throw in the garbadge what is left of canadian identity and culture. And I am 100% certain that the average canadian USA slob would not even notice ! You are kidding yourself if you think that the clowns in Ottawa or in Toronto, or Vancouver, or Calgary or hell even in Quebec care about Canada. Our governing scum is all sol out an bought out ! ary

      • The average Canadian does care a damn about anything. Just consult the surveys. By the way ? Why is Harper in power ? I suppose it was just a strange sets of circumstances ? Some people like to play dumb. Canada does not exist. It is just a big USA colony

      • I am American and I agree…I think most of our politicians are idiots just like most countries politicians… They are out to get what they can for themselves or their friends.. There are good and bad people with any country.But its the politicians that make the whole country look bad

      • “The Average Canadian doesnt care about anything”…

        Umm….what does the Average American care about? Politics? World Events? The Economy? Hogwash. Average people are sheep….regardless of their geographic location.

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  3. Troubling. Canadians should be outraged. But I’ll give Marc ‘bile’ Authier one thing–it’s hard for a country so much smaller in wealth and population to resist pressure from godzilla to the south.

    Americans should be troubled too. Plenty still think Canada is a refuge like it was in Vietnam days. Does anyone have any sense of what % of Americans give a rat’s behind? My sense: very few. Maybe 5%? I like Mike’s optimism that enough people are awake now, and that the bad guys can’t win, but depressing conversations with zombie friends and family make me wonder.

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  6. As a U.S. citizen, I urge Canadians to make every effort to reverse this policy. Allowing US law enforcement to make arrests in Canada is not only an affront to Canadian sovereignty but it further strengthens the already obscene power of our “law enforcement” witch hunters.

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