The State of the Rule of Law in America

A friend sent me the following email and I thought it was so illustrative I had to post it.



I would further add.  Steal money from Chase and you get locked away.  Chase steals money from taxpayers and you know “it was unethical but not illegal.”  Just ask Obama.


2 thoughts on “The State of the Rule of Law in America

  1. And “To Big to Fail” is actually just a euphemism for “To Big to Jail”…

    Keep up the good work Mike. I caught you a while back with TF on his podcast and can relate to you well. If you are interested, I did a podcast with a friend who is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute in a class I took just to learn about website design. You’ll see my bio there as well. It’s at
    Let me know what you think if you find some time? First podcast for me…articles by me as well. Unfortunately I have been abit busy with some other stuff recently, but I plan to launch the site as a .com in July. I need to turn the comments on too I think. Try posting one if you get a chance. If you can’t and feel like replying, you might have my email now that it is part of the login requirements for your site here.

  2. It is curious to me why so many Americans fail to realize just how thoroughly corrupt their government is. J Pirate Morgan “donates” (substitute a more appropriate term if you like) $7 million last year to Members of Congress. The payoff? Billions of dollars in taxpayer funded bailouts. Damn good investment, I’ll have to admit. That the Banking Industry is allowed to donate to members of Congress who sit on the Banking Committees is such an obvious conflict of interest, it should go without saying that this should clearly be banned. That’s saying nothing about all of the Banking Committee staffers who leave Congress and take jobs at the very same banks they were supposedly regulating. Clearly there is NO justification for allowing this revolving door between regulators and regulated. Shameful. Disgraceful. A truly sad commentary on the level of corruption that infests Washington DC.

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