Harvard Law Professor Demolishes Obama

A little old, but very important if you haven’t seen it.  Roberto Unger, one of Obama’s law professors at Harvard and an adviser during the 2008 election, has totally thrown our Puppet in Chief under the bus.  Now, whether or not you agreed with the promises Obama made during his 2008 campaign, many people did and despite disagreeing with him on many of his economic ideas, a considerable chunk of independents voted for him thinking he would prosecute the banksters, defend civil liberties and stop the endless warfare.  Of course we now know that none of that happened.  So here we have it.  One of the guys who should be out there defending Obama absolutely demolishes him publicly.  Not that we needed him to tell us how much of a zero Obama is.  A complete joke and disaster. A lying hologram in an empty suit.  An utter embarrassment to us all.

The best quote that really does summarize Obama’s policy more than anything else…

“Obama’s policies amount to financial confidence and food stamps.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Watch the video below.


10 thoughts on “Harvard Law Professor Demolishes Obama

  1. I just listened to him. Now, tell me what he said. Chewing sandpaper is more exciting than listening /watching this guy 🙂

    • he said “we will look better in 2016 if we let mit the twit play with the “red button” for the next round, were taking too much bad press let the repubs take the heat for a wile. we need a break if were going to elect the first female “ish” presedent in 2016 “go Hillery!” (that is with out geting in to decoding the “orwelian double speak” super secret mesages in his refrences to”education” that would take WAY too much background and it’s late)

  2. Sounds like he is promoting small-scale industry over and against the large-scale philosophy that we have all bought into. It would be nice if “we the people” would wake up and realize that small-scale is the only form of business compatible with democracy, and that one scale has to be chosen over and against the other. Promotion of either one is to the detriment of the other. For starters we need to institute honest money and banking and eliminate limited liability law.

  3. He’s a centrist who believes that the state is a benevolent care taker to society. A major fallacy IMO. None of his solutions will work b/c he operates from a false paradigm. Garbage in, garbage out. Progressives continually believe that utopia is attainable thru central control, and redistribution. The most egaliatrian time in our nation’s history has been with less regulation and less central control. All these regulations are a major burden to small businesses, and a barrier to entry.

    • That was a MUCH simpler time. At least Progressives strive for that utopia, while the GOP pours gas on everything and profits off the insurance.

      • the falicy is that ‘things are so much more complicated these days” humanity has been around a long time there is not much scocialy that has not come up before the more things change the more they stay the same was probly an old saying 5000 years ago.yes we have more and better “toys” but “we’ are not fundementaly difrent

      • The problems with this country have nothing to do with GOP or Democrats. It has everything to do with the fact that both parties have sold all of us out to guarantee themselves more power and more money. Greed rules this country. The progressive movement started with the best of intentions but its sprituality has been squashed and replaced with Dogmatic principles this guy espouses.

  4. Umm, did anyone actually listen to his words? He’s effin’ brilliant, but a centrist he is not. Pres. Obama took his class “Reinventing Democracy” twenty or so years ago. He argues that another Obama presidency will stand in the way of any real progress toward a reinvigorated democracy that moves both the current economic and political situations in the progressive direction that Obama in his candidacy promised. He’s saying O is too centrist and is overly beholden to the moneyed interests that are currently decimating our once great America. Dr. Unger has run for president of his country twice and is a founding member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party.

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