Vatican Claims the Devil is Trying to Destabilize it

Kind of an amusing article here.  Look, I’m not trying to step on anyone’s religious toes.  I don’t care what anyone believes about spirituality.  That is your business.  However, what I will say is that organized religious institutions (I don’t care what religion) are big, powerful bureaucracies who need to have their feet held to the fire just like any other similarly large institutions.  It is those within the specific religions themselves that need to keep their own institutions in line, rather than just defending them instinctively as “their team.”  Humans run these things and humans are fallible.

Key quotes:
Bertone branded as false the image of the Vatican as a place of intrigue and power struggles, saying: “The truth is that there is an attempt to sow division that comes from the Devil”.

At a briefing with the Vatican’s chief spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, an Italian reporter contested Bertone’s portrayal of the media, telling him that the leaks scandal started with a letter in which an archbishop complained to the pope about corruption in the Vatican.

Several leaked documents allege corruption in the Vatican’s business dealings with Italian companies that were paid inflated prices for work in the Vatican, rivalries among cardinals, and clashes over the management of the Vatican bank.

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4 thoughts on “Vatican Claims the Devil is Trying to Destabilize it

  1. I’m impressed that the Vatican is taking time out, from its busy schedule of pedophile priest shuffling and money laundering, to share with us its corporate propaganda. Very efficient time management.

  2. Obummer “Bamboozled” the world. He should give back his NPP. Don’t woory though, Amerikans loved to be fucked by politicians. No reason to think Barry can’t be reelected. Expect Romney to be every bit the dictator Soetorro was/is……TBC

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