Rand Paul Runs Away from Luke Rudkowski

You all know I’m a huge fan of this kid Luke from We are Change.  This kid will go up to any elitist anywhere and put them on the spot with tough questions.  Balls of steel.  Up until now I have held back on commentary of Rand Paul’s pretty despicable endorsement of Mitt Romney.  Until now.

The way Rand evades Luke in this video is truly pathetic.  I’ve never been a huge fan of Rand, even though I think his father is one of the greatest and bravest Americans of our era.  I have suspected all year that it was Rand who convinced his dad not to run third party.  He put his own political ambitions ahead of the country then and I believe he has done so again.  Furthermore, I think he was promised something by the establishment Republicans that they will never deliver on.  Or even if they did give him the VP slot (which I doubt), that would be a loss for all of us, since the VP has no power and as such his message (if he really has one) would be neutered.  Only time will tell, but I think he was tricked and played for a fool.  In doing so he has played all of us liberty focused Americans as fools as well.

Nice work Rand.  Seems you are enjoying D.C. after all, which is “Hollywood for ugly people.”  Settling in nicely I see.

Watch the video here.


12 thoughts on “Rand Paul Runs Away from Luke Rudkowski

  1. Have to disagree with this one. Should Rand drop everything he’s doing (even if it’s just relaxing between meetings) to respond to any Jackass on the street with a video camera who ambushes him with annoying questions? Look at Rand’s actual record in Congress and you will see that he is fighting for liberty. A meaningless (and tepid) endorsement of Romney increases Rand’s influence and allows him to get more accomplished in the fight for liberty.

    I’m in line with Jack Hunter’s and Peter Schiff’s analysis of Rand’s endorsement that by endorsing the nominee of the party to which he belongs (which he said he would do on the campaign trail) mainstream republicans will view him in a more favorable light and are more likely to listen to his ideas.

    As a side note: The Bilderberg group may be a secret, evil cabal bent on multi-generational world domination; or it may just be a group of wealthy people that invites the most influential people of the day to discuss world issues to come up with well-meaning (though completely misguided) solutions. The reality is it’s probably somewhere in between and the motivations of those in the group probably vary widely from greed to benevolence. The important thing is to keep an eye on them and fight their proposals that limit freedom and consolidate power. Demonizing anyone with six degrees of separation to Bilderberg, while fun, is counter-productive.

    • Luke and We are Change are key leaders in the Liberty Movement. Rand had been perfectly willing to talk to him casually before, but all of a sudden he isn’t? That’s bad form sorry and it is biting the hand that feeds you. I do not believe the Republican Party will change or more more toward Rand. I am sure they told him that but it won’t happen. Look who has funded Romney. The banksters. Rand was promised things and tricked. I am sure of that. The system is way beyond reform at this point. Both parties. Wholly owned. I hope you are right and II am wrong, but only time will tell. No point in arguing since time will tell. Besides, I have taken my time to comment on this. I have reflected on it quite a bit. I had been suspicious of Rand all year as the right move for his dad was to run third party and I think Rand was behind him not doing so. Like I said, I hope I am proven wrong.

      • Above is a link to an interview Rand did with Luke before he endorsed Romney. In it Rand talks about Bilderberg and Goldman Sachs. As seen in the video posted by Mike, Rand’s no longer willing to talk to Luke about those issues now that he’s made his big endorsement.

        Luke is a stud for liberty. Check out his grillings of Van Jones and Cass Sunstein on WeAreChange.org’s youtube channel for further inspiration. There’s also a great video of him, Adam Kokesh and Mark Dice interacting with the “Federal Reserve Police” outside of the Mariner Eckles building in DC.

        Mike you are also a stud for liberty. Your writing has been inspiring me since you first showed up on ZH. Glad you’ve started this wonderful site. Please keep up the great work!

  2. That kid sure has balls to go after him like that. And he didn’t even answer him. That tells you Rand Paul is hiding something. I’m sure Rand Paul thinks trying to work within the system is better than trying to completely change the system from outside. But as others have experienced for many years before him, it doesn’t work that way.

  3. Isn’t this the guy who introduced himself as “Bill deBerg” at a hearing a while back? LOL!

    I haven’t decided what to conclude about Rand at this point, but I do believe that Willard Romney is just another puppet of TPTB. He has no principles and no integrity. I think Willard was pre-ordained as our next puppet President after lil’ barry dunham proved himself to be an incompetent, drug addled, poseur. As soon as Willard is ordained, he will run straight into the banksters corner and continue the collusion between Big Government and Big Banks.

    And good for Luke! He inspires. We all need to confront our politicians and ask the questions that the MSM won’t ask. And don’t forget to bring your cameras!

  4. your wrong!! sorry dude shoulda kept quiet and read up a little more and you would have relized this has all been over PAULFEST wich the gop WAS blocking and now have just out of the blue given the green light to so nice move “open mouth insert foot” now your no better than AJ! Too bad to I was kinda likeing what you was doing around here! but as they say:one aw shit wipes out any number of ataboys! rand said in one of his interviews that they were already seeing more coperation from the RNC and this is what he ment nice and smooth Rand spoke and a consesion apeared like MAGIC so much fo giving them somthing and geting nothing back! his mama didn’t raise no dummies (cant say the same for yours based on this)

    also with the way the alt. meidia it the persons of alex jones and webester tarply and to a lesser extent Adam K have atacked rand and in A.J.’s and A.K.’s caseTHEY BOTH KNEW Rand would need to toe the party line as a SENATOR he is not ALAOWED not to(his dad is just a rep there are lotts of them and so he had some leeway and they knew they could not unseat him having spent his entire cereer atempting to do just that) so RON COULD AFORD TO DO WHAT HE DID AND RAND COULD NOT RISK IT it is that simple so GET OVER IT he was always going to indorse the parties choice and we know now the timing was steped up over paulfest NOT …….what ever the hell you usefull idiots thought he was up to…….. GOD save us from conspericy nuts!!!!! so NO i can NOT blame him at all for ditching luke HE GOT DEATH THREATS from that quarter and they have frankly(IMO) used up there welcom in the freedom movement and THIS :(Luke and We are Change are key leaders in the Liberty Movement. Rand had been perfectly willing to talk to him casually before, but all of a sudden he isn’t? That’s bad form sorry and it is biting the hand that feeds you.) IS HORSECRAP for every anarchist conspericy nut who may or may not vote depending on how nihilistic they are that the “alt” meida brought to the movement two reasonable and dependable registered VOTERS (at least)were aleainated! and at this point there doing more harm any amount good could EVER cover

  5. I have suspected all year that it was Rand who convinced his dad not to run third party. He put his own political ambitions ahead of the country

    first do every one a huge favor and DON’T guess aperently your no good at it.
    second Dr.paul HAS run third party the fact he has not sence speaks to HIS EXPERENCE with that run (imo)
    third Rand is a sitting senator with his own local constituency to whom he must answer and rendering himself ineffective 2/3’s of the way through his term is HARDLY the way to repay there suport OR serve there intrest wich is what his ACCUAL JOB IS !! and if he were to willfuly make himself a lame duck as some empty gesture to his dad they would be rightly PISSED OFF so he put his state and his responsabilities to them FIRST and took the heat on the national stage you people are SOOOO far off base with this crap he IS NOT RUNNING FOR NATIONAL OFFICE he is just a kentucky senator.

  6. Love the passion. Like I said before. We will SEE. We will know soon enough who had the right call on this issue. I’d be thrilled to be wrong. I think there is no chance to turn back to the Constitution within the two fake parties. He needs to have his feet held to the fire either way to keep him honest. Time will tell.

    • i can respect that

      as to the fakeness of the political parties. lol have you ever wondered why the RNC prefers GOP (grand old party)as an acronim? as there NOT the older of the two partys it makes no sence does it? unless they were founded by people who were all members of a party that was OLDER than the dems.and low if one reads what lincolin was telling people about his own politics you relize that, 1) “honest abe” was a HUGE lier and 2) he self describes as a “whigg” of the “old tradition” in assuring the bankers that he was there man (who did you think told him he could just print green backs to win the war at the end, after all?) and the “whiggs” who were they if not “torry” sleeper cells left behind in new york to mind the store so to speak when the red coats decamped with hamilton as traitor in chief. the ONLY accual real party formed HERE by the voters was the jeffersonian demacratic party and the civil war KILLED it DEAD leaving a shambling hulk that is no help to anybody

    • heres the thing Mike , Rand is no idiot and he has been dealing with the gop for 4 years now and better know the limits and values of the things he is trading around in these deals corect ? so having already goten the local FAIR GROUNDS as the venue for his dad to give his FINAL speach as an active statesman runing for office. an event wich EVERY ONE knows will undoubtably up stage obomnie and is MENT to do so ,and even more it is a moment when the “grassroots movement” needs move beond Dr.paul or Rand as leadreship (i never saw him that way this is his FIRST time in any public office).and we ALL know the GOP want nothing more than for THAT giant to go back to the couch and pop the top on another “cold one” put on the game and go to slee…………
      SO make no mistake here folks this IS a direct consession from the G.O.P to Rand the transaction is right there in his interviews and the gop’s actions. you can see it evolve all the way back to befor his ‘indorsment” when the gop moved to block “paulfest2012” from the fair grounds in the firstplace! SO all that said, JUST how much more could he or ANYBODY think could be had for Rand’s indorcement realisticly!!!
      IMO he has goten all he asked for and given the “REACTION” he got an exelent deal and knew it going in! and KNOWS also he is payed off. and in such a way that EVERY ONE could see it. to me dealing with THAT night mare of a situation this is the kind of move his Dad has used in these situations! in accuality he is now free of both the need to indorse “the parties choice” and the TAINTED fruit of that required transation.
      (having as i said earlyer reserved opinion on the matter after all this he looks to be shaping up nicly as a “chip off the old block” but as you said “we’ll see “)

  7. just had one of those light bulb moments: once you fully see HOW the partys were faked and restructured the lie that the civil war was about or even had any thing to do with “slavery” or stoping it gets even harder to beleeve follow this logic for a second and ignore what you have been told and read

    : the demacrats were a southern movement(in reaction to the whiggs in the north) they WERE in fact the slave owners. and yet to this VERY day wich party do blacks belong to and loyaly suport? and wich do they to this day preceve as there opressors? there is a cultural memeroy creating this prefrence IMO even though the reasons for there loyalty are now burried under all that carnage the ONLY POSSABLE conclusion is that blacks LIKED the democratic party (made up of southern aristocrats and one would expect and slave owners to boot , or were they?) and TRUSTED them enuff to JOIN them AS SOON AS they got the vote en mass (where is the resentment and hate?) and over 100 years later that same group STILL do not trust the GOP (oh here it is) interesting aint it? sombodies LIEING here to create a delusion in the public mind and sence the winners write the histories we dont need to look far to find that sombody

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