Remember the Words of Joseph Stalin

Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.

Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.

It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.

– All Quotes by Joseph Stalin

Know Your Enemy
I recall wanting to read Mein Kampf as a young kid, although to this day I have only read excerpts.  I wanted to know what made this guy tick, what his thoughts were.  How could someone justify such horrific actions. As I have progressed into adulthood I have only become more and more convinced that books written by psychopath killer dictators should be required reading for every single human being on the planet.  In a similar vein, I remember hearing the argument back in high school that people should not read Machiavelli’s The Prince.  The argument was that if people read a manual on devious thoughts, and the application of ruthless behavior to achieve one’s selfish ends, that it would permeate society and lead us all into a darker place.  As soon as I heard this, of course, the first thing I did was head to the book store to buy it.  I recall my reaction to the treatise vividly.

I remember thinking how absolutely asinine the argument for shielding this book from society really was.  The conclusion I came to was that anyone with a truly sick, sociopathic mind wouldn’t learn anything from this book.  Their minds already intuitively thought that way.  Those that could be persuaded to think in that manner as a result of reading such a book were just dangerous sheeple that would sell their souls to work with a sick system.  They would end up doing so anyway.  Those people don’t scare me so much as the naturally devious mind does.  They can be easily outmaneuvered by smarter men and women.  If I am correct, then the worst possible thing we can do as a society is to pretend that this extremely small percentage of the population doesn’t exist or pose a threat to us in our everyday lives (please read my related article here).  I think that most of the population of the United States (aka Disneyland) has been duped into thinking that somehow the Hitler or Stalin personalities of the world no longer exist!  That somehow they just disappeared from the earth after World War 2, or more importantly, if they exist they are in some remote African country or Middle Eastern nation that just conveniently happens to have oil!

If Americans can indeed be convinced that such people roam the streets of the US of A then they are likely the one-off serial killer we hear about every now and again, or some homeless person that ODs on bath salts and eats some other homeless persons face on the side of a highway in Miami.  The big secret is that the smart, devious and ambitious minds do not lock middle aged women in basements; they go into politics.  More specifically, they pursue power wherever it can be had.  This is why I refer to Washington D.C. as a the world’s largest cesspool.  I think at this very moment there aren’t many places on this earth with a higher concentration per capita of twisted, immoral, inhumane creatures that somehow still refer to themselves as human beings.

So in this context, the awakening that is happening across much of my nation is really just the citizenry realizing what most of the world already knows all too well.  The Siren’s song of Disney has been strong but its effect is wearing off.  You can’t defeat your enemy unless you know your enemy.

Remember the Words of Joseph Stalin
As we head into the Greek election this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to recall the words of Joseph Stalin.  Particularly his observation about elections and vote counting.  I find it hilarious that the Greek authorities suspended polling heading into the election.  I mean, that tells you everything you need to know.  This is exactly what you would do if you were thinking about rigging the results.  The worst thing that could happen would be to have Syriza soaring in the polls into the main event.  If that was the case ,it would be much more difficult to arrange a more “favorable” outcome.  This way they can just claim “wow, unexpectedly the bankster parties won!”  I’m not predicting that will be the outcome, I’m just saying the suspension of polling was a huge red flag.*  Here is the chart of the last polling results and some excellent commentary.  Greece is extremely important as it is a key testing ground for TPTB.  Everything that is happening in Greece will be attempted elsewhere if they can get away with it there.  This gives the country a great deal of significance.  That said, even if Greece is lost there is no way TPTB can win this thing.  It is taking them more than two years to roll up tiny Greece.  Even if they succeed, do you think Spain and Italy will go so easily.  Then what about the U.S. with hundreds of millions of guns everywhere?  There is no chance.  The globalist agenda is already dead in the water; however, as we can see it doesn’t stop them from continuing to try.

What TPTB do not appreciate are the lessons we are all learning from Greece.  We must learn many more lessons though.  We must admit to ourselves that there are truly evil geniuses out there, and in most cases these characters have taken control of the power structure (corporations, politics and factions of the military in most of the nations we reside in).  The necessary action is not for good people to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that such people do not exist.  We must get inside their minds.  We must acknowledge and accept their presence as well as their power and then work tirelessly to relieve them of it.  As Irish statesmen, author and philosopher Edmund Burke so eloquently stated: “All that’s necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.” Let’s just do it already.

Peace and wisdom,

* Note, a reader has informed me that a polling ban ahead of Greek elections has been in place for at least several years.  This doesn’t take away from any of the main points of the piece; however, I felt it significant enough of an oversight to correct.


24 thoughts on “Remember the Words of Joseph Stalin

  1. “We must get inside their minds. We must acknowledge and accept their presence as well as their power and then work tirelessly to relieve them of it. ”

    In keeping with this, starting at the 16 minute mark in the following link, and understanding this, and taking action, is certainly a valid effort that will help take the power away from the lunatics:

    We must stop the power hungry madmen from using fake, bogus currency from usurping all that is good in the world–or else we’re truly doomed. I’m in the fight. Let’s keep at it.

    Keep up the terrific work, Mike. People like you are the TRUE countrymen.

  2. I agree with you. A brief paper on psychopaths. I believe they are and older breed (cavemen) and not really part of society.

    Nice blog.

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  6. “We must get inside their minds. We must acknowledge and accept their presence as well as their power and then work tirelessly to relieve them of it. ”

    Here is where I put my optimism. As you say Mike, we must first except that these people exist and plan the worst for us. But ultimately, they are weak, because they are driven by a need for power and acknowledgement of their imagined superiority. This is a weakness. We must figure out ways to engage this weakness and then strike at the appropriate moment. We can do this if we keep our wits about us.

    I was in the feed store the other day and paid with cash. When I handed the green paper over, I made a snide comment about how I better use the fiat currency before it won’t even be worth wiping my butt with. What a reaction I got! Everyone around me starting talking about their plans for dealing with the end of the greenback! I was amazed. People are waking up.

    • Good to hear, Barbi. I suspect there are more enlightened folks in a feed store than in many places. Most of my friends are post-graduate educated ‘liberals’, and they seem to be hopelessly beyond reach. Maybe because most of them are too comfy, and not subject to the rigors of the market, as they mostly work in gov’t, academia, or NGOs?

  7. Mike, I don’t disagree with the general posture of your argument but I do have to call you out on one point. The Greeks did not institute the 2-week ban on polling for this election in particular; it has been a part of Greek election law long before this year. I couldn’t find a cite to the exact statute but this 2007 Time article (,8599,1661972,00.html) makes reference to the law and confirms that the ban was not instituted for this election in particular.

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  9. I have done medical missions in third world countries. The last one was in Nicaragua and that experience changed my life. I was in the next cubicle adjacent to a prayer group and viewed a full fledged spontaneous exorcism. It was not pretty and it shook me to the core of my being. For most of my life, the idea of good vs evil was more theoretical. I now know that evil is an actual entity that can be present everywhere. There is a spiritual battle on earth that is revving up. Who have you encouraged to live in you and which side are you on?

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  11. Yeah, “doing something” like posting on a blog site is really going to accomplish something, stop these creeps in their tracks. Good work, keep up the revolution.

    • Informing ourselves and each other is the first and most important step.

      If you’ve got better ideas, let’s hear them.

  12. Mike, you are an open-minded, data-driven guy, and know that much of the history we were taught is not what really happened.

    Like 9/11, Apollo, Pearl Harbor, and other events, I no longer believe the taught narrative. Same with the Holocaust (I presume that you are Jewish, but not blindered). Take a peek at The Rudolf Report (Rudolf), The Leuchter Report (Leuchter), or The Hoax of the 20th Century (Butz), all available free online in PDF.

    And, keep up the fine work, sir.

  13. Great post, Mike. I’ve often used the ‘Disneyland’ metaphor myself.

    I thought the same as you do about DC before I lived there for a couple of years. I still do. But now I know that of course there are many fine human beings living there as well. I just wish all my friends that are still there would get wise and move somewhere else, at least outside the beltway. I was there on 9/11, and it was pure gridlock. The city is surrounded by the beltway, and if there is ever a serious terrorist attack, escaping would be tough to say the least. Or, if TPTB ever want to lock it down, it would be the simplest thing in the world.

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  15. It’s no so simple. Almost all countries ban polls ahead of elections. This is meant to cool off and let people decide quietly. If you poll for instance in the States you can bet that a CNN poll will show completely different results than a Fox poll. This can also influence elections. You have no clear recepy here.

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