Bank Gives Man Counterfeit Money, Refuses To Refund It!

This story from the Huffington Post is unbelievable.  The bank itself, whose sole business is to deal with “money,” is not responsible for the fact that they provided their own customer with a counterfeit bill.  No, in the United States of Banana Republic the banks are never wrong!  It is your fault for somehow not knowing the bill was counterfeit.  I mean this takes things to another level.  So if a department store is selling fake Hermes bags is it the customers fault for buying it?  This is so sick.

There is an even bigger takeaway from this.  I think the primary driver in all of this is to discourage the use of cash.  Remember the story about the Tennessee cop stealing the New Jersey man’s cash for no reason on the highway?  This it to ingrain in people’s minds that cash is bad.  That’s right serfs, be obedient little subjects and stay in your digital dollars.

Key Quotes:
Imagine withdrawing money from a bank and then finding out that the money is counterfeit and cannot be refunded.

Hagman withdrew $2,500 from his savings account at TD Bank in February, according to the Star-Ledger. Then he went to Bank of America to deposit the money, only to find out from the teller that one of the $100 bills was counterfeit.

He reported it to the Secret Service and went back to TD Bank to get a refund, but the supervisor said that was against the bank’s policy, since he already had left the bank with the cash. “I asked why a bank customer, me in this case, should have to serve as this bank’s ‘quality control officer,'” Hagman told the Star-Ledger.

Read the article here.


3 thoughts on “Bank Gives Man Counterfeit Money, Refuses To Refund It!

  1. Hey, Michael,

    Yes, the War on Cash is an on-going campaign reaching back to the Seventies and Eighties, applied first to drug-dealers. Who would dare defend such a person’s rights? They’re scum, right? Well, yes. But…

    (With apologies to Martin Niemöller)

    “First they came for the Drug Dealers’ cash, but I was not a drug dealer, didn’t like drug dealers, still don’t, and off-the-top of my head couldn’t really think of a reason they should be allowed to keep drug-money.

    “Then they came for tax evaders running cash businesses, but I am not a tax evader…

    And so on until it’s you or me, having just sold a car for cash. But we challenge it! Can’t you hear the desk sergeant, “Please be sure to list the serial numbers!” And if we could, the bills will test positive for drug-residue anyway, because they all do.

    The long and short of it is, I think, as an inoculation against old-style bank runs. They’re building a psychological block, cash as radioactive, to prevent/postpone those lines a-forming. That’s what scares TPTB the most, the lines. Because, at root, they need everyone separate, thinking they’re alone. Standing in line for a common purpose gets people talking, trading numbers and email addresses. Suddenly, each of us in no longer alone.

    Game out Food Stamps: Based on EBT usage here in America, there are huge soup-kitchen lines in this country already; they’re just invisible, the way TPTB like it.

  2. About six years ago I cashed a check at Bill Gates’ WaMu for $1k which went directly to the private purchase of a laptop. The seller then deposited the cash directly to his bank and got a call from the Treasury that he had passed a fake hunskie.
    Paper only has the value that it is printed on or of sufficient belief that there is a value attached to the ink and paper. There are those that will survive what is coming vs. those that put their blind trust in ‘official’ printed and gov’t items of exchange. Such people will serve out their beliefs in the currently established debt camps.

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