Bilderberg 2012: Exposing the 0.0001%

While the 1% slogan of OWS was catchy, the real power players and enemies of humanity reside in a much, much smaller 0.0001% or so.  This group includes dynastic banking families as well as a lot of European royals who supposedly have “no power.”  If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.  In light of the fact that the Bilderberg meeting is being held in the United States starting today through June 3, I suggest everyone watch this one minute video.


5 thoughts on “Bilderberg 2012: Exposing the 0.0001%

  1. Mike
    Bob Chapman is currently not doing broadcasts which has left somewhat of a vacuum. You have picked up the Mantle. I see from all your posts, that you “get it” and for some spiritual reason you are able to see through the thin veneer . Most of my acquaintances cannot see through the deception yet, possibly because they continue to be self centered. Thank you and keep the amazing posts coming.

  2. I’ll second the previous post commending you for speaking the truth and being on target.

    Certainly my research and thinking has led me to believe the “rot” really does stem from the dynastic banking families. After all, they have the power to create money and credit. With that comes the ability to buy politicians, judges, regulators and the media. Power means those “receptive” and “supportive” to your agenda get installed & promoted while their power is simultaneously used to disadvantage those that oppose. Power means ensuring your “friends” have prominent positions in law enforcement agencies, military and the intelligence bureaus.

    It’s all about money & credit. Whoever controls its creation, controls the world.

  3. If this evil cabal is running the world, can someone explain to me how they get the Russians, Chinese and others to go along with everything they decide.

  4. you outspend them massively on your military and show the world that you are willing to irrationally start wars and that they stand no chance against our Air Force and Drone army. Amazing what a well-placed drone missile can do to people coming along for the ride.
    Plus, if you give the Chinese and Russian elites a seat at the table then why would they not go along with the scam?

  5. And that’s surely their plan. Attempts to entice the Chinese/Russian elites to sell out their people for a piece of the pie. Plus beefing up military. A carrot & stick approach. That covers their bases.

    As for you all, you’re tax serfs. Now get back on that hamster wheel, ’cause you, your children, and their children will be repaying the interest on government loans from the banksters (who created that money from thin air). Note, you efforts will merely repay interest, you’ll never actually get far enough ahead to pay off principal. Perpetual slavery.

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