Barack O’Romney

Great article here from Glenn Greenwald of, one of the guys that has been leading the charge on the “left” to call out Obama and the two party system for the sham it is.  Please pass this along to any brain dead Obama sheep that you may know…

Key quotes:
Miller devotes himself to debunking one of the worst myths in Washington, propagated out of self-interest by conservatives and progressives alike: namely, that there is a vast and radical difference between the parties on most key issues and that bipartisanship is so tragically scarce. In the foreign policy context which is his expertise, Miller explains that — despite campaign rhetoric designed to exaggerate (or even invent) differences in order to motivate base voters — the reality is exactly the opposite:

Earlier today, I wrote about one specific revelation from the article that I most wanted to highlight — the way in which Obama, in order to conceal the civilian casualties he causes and justify the raining down of death he orders, has re-defined “militant” to mean “all military-age males in a strike zone” – but there are numerous other revealing passages in this article meriting attention.

No late-night wrestling with conscience for this Nobel Peace laureate. Even his most radical decision — ordering an American citizen assassinated without a whiff of due process or transparency — is “easy” for him, and he’s so very “comfortable” with ordering people killed, say his aides who believe this to be a compliment.

As I’ve written about many times before, Obama — by leading blind-partisan Democrats and progressives to cheer for these policies rather than denounce them — has converted what were just recently highly divisive and controversial right-wing Assaults on Our Values into fully entrenched bipartisan consensus. But worse than that, he has put a prettier and more palatable face on extremely ugly policies.

Just to underscore the level of right-wing extremism which Obama has normalized, consider his deceitful re-definition of the term “militant” to encompass ”all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants,” which I wrote about earlier today.

And it’s all justified by this definitively warped premise: we have to keep doing things we know will result in large-scale civilian deaths in order to stop the Terrorists, who are really terrible because they keep killing civilians.

Full article here.


11 thoughts on “Barack O’Romney

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  2. This shows the pathetic levels that the two branches of the Big Government party will stoop to, in a vain attempt to say that they are “different” from each other. The only thing that would be different would be if a principled (semi-) outsider were to become president.

    Ron Paul, anyone?

  3. And why is Romney’s name in the title? How many men has he called into battle? How many drones has he ordered launched?

  4. Ron Paul, only presidential candidate worth crossing the street to vote for. Why else are they using every dirty trick in the book to marginalize him and his supporters? The dark side of the USG took down the twin towers on 9/11 to drag us into this endless war. It is bipartisan, and can never end until we expose it’s roots on 9/11. Actually, 9/11 was the day that the USG declared war on the American people and their political liberties. They have since made remarkable progress in subjugating us all, while claiming to be protecting our safety and security, Big Lie style.

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  6. While I agree the two party system are two heads of the same beast, I cannot and will not vote Republican. The Tea Party have proven themselves to be ignorant of facts, selfish, greedy and using their religious views to guide them in public affairs. Since 2010, I have become so disgusted that I will no longer even vote for a Republican on the local level. They do not know a single thing about our economy and have brought us further destruction from within.

    Romney completely turns me off and since his job has been a Liquidator in the private sector. I fear if elected, he will finish liquidating America into the hands of Wall Street. The Terminator terminated California, but Romney will be the Liquidator of the public sector into the private sectors hands. While many might like how that sounds, I suggest you look into the private prison system and see how it is costing the taxpayers more than what the public sector had previously been paying per head. Besides, big business has locked up more citizens because well, they make a profit per head. I still think some things are done better by the public sector than the private for profit corporate rapist.

    Ron Paul has libertarian views I do not agree with and stands no chance of being elected. That said, I do like the fact he wants to end the War on Drugs, End the Federal Reserve and return to our Constitution. Yet, many of his views on such limited government reveal he like the Tea Baggers and Grover want to “drag government into the bathtub and drown it”. I cannot agree with this. I do hope Dr. Paul and his followers raise ten kinds of hell at the Republican Convention and scream over and over again ” Ron Paul Revolution give us back our Constitution” until Republicans go deaf.

    This brings me to Obama. I will once again vote for him. The man was not my first choice in 2008, but did receive my vote. He stepped off into Bushit no one in their right mind would have wanted to inherit. For that alone, he deserves a 2nd term. While I certainly do not agree with him on all policy, out of the three, his views are closer to my own. That said, I am not happy with the continued neocon foreign affairs policies and had like so many others hoped he would stop the neocons in their tracks. Since NOTHING has changed in foreign affairs, except further loss of our rights, and more death and destruction abroad, it proves the beast is truly one with two heads.

    We are still living Bush’s 3rd term in foreign affairs and still under Bush tax cuts bankrupting us at home. Wall Street is still taking risks and taking us toward another global meltdown because NOTHING has changed, except the TBTF are even bigger and failing once again. Where more regulation was needed, we were not allowed to regulate enough.

    Republicans keep screaming that we have too much regulation and this is why the “job creators” are not creating jobs. Really? Pleasssseee. Raping the planet for a profit is not my idea of creating jobs which hasn’t happened anyway after 14 years of trickle down voodoo economics which has proven to be a failure twice. Without more useless insane wars, neocons cannot create a job to replace the one they kill off.

    The beast which rules is much bigger than any of the three men running for President. To take a stab at the beast, it will take more than a vote in one election cycle.

    • You have some explaining to do.

      First: The Bush “Tax Cuts” that you refer to have resulted in INCREASED revenues to the Treasury. You can check the numbers at the Treasury’s own website if you want the proof.

      Second: It was not “Wall Street” that caused the recession; it was the policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. THEY were the ones that allowed people to “purchase” homes with no money down, through their mortgage insurance programs. It was a stated part of their policies since 1992 that they would make sure everyone was a homeowner. Over the two decades since, there have been repeated attempts to reform this program. Those reforms were blocked throughout the 1990’s by a Congressman from Massachusetts named Barney Frank. He had an insider that was the head of Fannie Mae’s mortgage underwriting department (that also happened to live in with him); he personally blocked every attempt at reform in the House. There was also a Senator from Connecticut named Christopher Dodd who ran the same interference in the Senate. During Clinton’s years as President, he made sure that these attempts at reform could not be imposed. Then when Bush 43 became President, he stated, “Fannie Mae needs to be reformed;” this was in 2004. While the Republicans had a majority in both houses of Congress, they could not stop a filibuster by Chris Dodd in the Senate. All attempts at reform died in the Senate under Dodd’s filibusters.

      So what there was that caused the recession was a (minimum) 15-year buildup of bad government programs heaped on top of each other; not a reduction in tax rates (not the same as a reduction in tax REVENUES) that caused a recession.

      • I forgot to mention two unfunded wars and the unfunded prescription drug coverage all brought to us by the Bush Admin. along with his tax cuts. Click here: 10 Inconvenient Truths About the Debt Ceiling | Crooks and Liars shows a graph proving the debt if you care to take a look.

        MF Global recently stole customer deposits and they “vaporized”. JP Morgan just proved their derivitives are blowing up again. I’m sure they are not alone in their hedges “which are not even hedges”. Soon we will see the damage unfold again, but who will bail them out since the government is broke?

        Yes Fannie and Freddie were and are a massive problem, but Wall Street knew it and continued betting because they knew they would be bailed out by the taxpayers. I am blaming both heads of the beast for this, not just Dodd or Frank. Bush is on record saying everyone needed to be able to buy a house as well as Clinton. Liar loans ran rampant in the private sector as well as their pure greed. Their is plenty of blame to go around for the many years of the housing mess.

        No one person or poltical party can be blamed because as stated in my original post, ALL are the same working behind the scenes for someone or something much larger than them, which I referred to as the beast with two heads. The problem is the two party system which purposely divides and conquers the people to keep their power.

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