Veterans Toss Their Medals into the Chicago Street in Symbolic Protest

My Take:  This article from yesterday’s NY Times on the protests at Chicago’s NATO summit has several interesting nuggets in it, including the arrest of some so called “domestic terrorists,” but the most interesting and powerful part of the protest occurred when about 40 veterans decided to toss their medals into the street as a form of protest against America’s ridiculous foreign policy.

Key passages:
Led by about 40 men and women in American military uniforms who said they wished to return their medals as symbolic gestures, thousands of protesters opposed to war and to NATO or motivated by other issues marched down Michigan Avenue, winding their way as close as they could get to McCormick Place, where world leaders were holding the summit meeting.

At the end of a march route, about five blocks from McCormick Place, the small group of military veterans stood on a flatbed truck in a packed intersection, and, one by one, told stories of service and disenchantment. Then they heaved their medals into the empty street behind them.

Read the full article here.


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