Why is the Post Office Using SDRs?

Ah the U.S. Postal Service.  This shining example of American efficiency that just announced a $3.2 billion loss in the second quarter and employed six hundred thousand people in order to achieve this feat, has brilliantly decided we need to use SDRs when sending internationally insured parcels.  Yep, glad to see our pride and joy is leading the charge to global fiat feudalism.  I mean you’ve got to be kidding me…

The accepting clerk must do the following:

    1. Indicate on PS Form 2976-A the amount for which the parcel is insured. Write the amount in U.S. dollars in ink in the “Insured Amount (U.S.) block.”
    2. Convert the U.S. dollar amount to the special drawing right (SDR) value and enter it in the SDR value block. For example:

$100.00 (U.S.)
63.39 SDR

See it for yourself here.

Also if you want to read some of my prior thoughts on the SDR check out this article I wrote late last year.  The SDR: The Same Demented Regime.


6 thoughts on “Why is the Post Office Using SDRs?

  1. The USPS isn’t perfect, but it remains by far the most affordable option for getting anything from one place to another, not to mention the only option in many rural areas. And there’s a reason they’re “running out of money” — because in 2006 Congressional Republicans mandated that it fund 75 years of employee benefits over the next decade.


    For the crime of employing people at a living wage with benefits, the Post Office is dying from this poison pill. If you want to rail about government inefficiency, you should start anywhere but the USPS…

  2. Please venture an answer to your own question, Mr. Krieger, why indeed is the United Stated Postal Service advancing the use of an international
    fiat currency?

  3. Let me venture some additional questions……
    Is the US Dollar rapidly losing world reserve status as quickly as countries and peoples outside the IMF/US$ monetary system can effectively abandon it? Is the US Dollar/Petrodollar world reserve system the sine qua non of the Western Power cartel, which Power is willing to fight any war and make any sacrifice of the populace to perpetuate? Is the IMF/SDR system an effort by the same Powers to so perpetuate a fabulously exploitative system, a system grudgingly seen in downfall?
    Is the recognition and adoption of the IMF/SDR system by the USPS merely an incremental effort to legitimize the IMF/SDR system? Most importantly, will non-Western Powers, whose power and influence daily grow, willingly accept a continuation of the status quo which full adoption of the IMF/SDR system signifies? I personally don’t think so.

  4. Guys…you see it, feel it, and can taste it. The US Dollar is no longer being accepted as it used to be worldwide. The BRICS and other aligned nations with them, are shunning the US dollar. Therefore, the powers that be are veiling the TRUTH by playing a ‘shell game’ with paperwork. The US is taking a hit using the SDRs but it is the only way they can do business internationally now. Now you know what a dollars true value is against the SDR basket. .6339
    Time is getting very short for the dollar…

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