Herman Cain Backs the Gold Standard? – WSJ Op Ed

My Take:  This Op Ed was in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago and I can’t believe I missed it.  The content of it is so aggressively in favor of the gold standard and so anti the status quo it boggles the mind.  It’s hard for me to believe that the former chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has only just now figured out what fraud and theft fiat money is.  More likely, he is politically astute enough to recognize that this game is over and he is trying to position himself as one of the “good guys” to be prominent in the aftermath of this gigantic nightmare financial system we are subjected to.  Nevertheless, it is an important signpost because he represents another establishment player jumping ship before it sinks to the bottom of the sea.  If we are going to keep Guantanamo Bay open, we may as well save some cells for bankster gangster Jaime Dimon and all of the others that are consciously stealing from the pockets of 99.9% of America through their giant ponzi scheme and Fed bailouts.

Key quotes:
I realize the Washington establishment goes ballistic at this suggestion. Gold is kryptonite to big-spending politicians. It is to the moochers and looters in government what sunlight and garlic are to vampires. The American people are another story. Nearly half (44%) support a return to a gold standard, according to an October 2011 Rasmussen Report. That support soars to 57% when respondents know it will “dramatically reduce the powers of bankers and the political class to steer the economy.”

The debate over sound money has moved from whether we need it to how we get there. The pieces are moving in the right direction, and we have an opportunity to make the dollar once again as good as gold.

Full article here.  You may need a subscription so the article is titled “Herman Cain: We Need a Dollar as Good as Gold,” if you want to find it through other means.


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