House of “Representatives” Fails to Fully Fund Mortgage Task Force

My Take:  There is no rule of law in America.  I repeat.  There is no rule of law in America.  I mean this is incredible, the House of “Representatives” couldn’t come up with $55 million to fund a task force to investigate mortgage fraud.  $55 million.  Yet we printed trillions to bail out the people and institutions that destroyed the economy with zero hesitation.  This is why no one believes in this country’s institutions or Federal Government any longer.  It is a criminal syndicate.  Ah just another day in the United States of Banana Republic.

Key Quotes:
When New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman appeared before the Congressional Progressive Caucus in late April, he asked the members to help him obtain funding for the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities working group, which he co-chairs. “If you want to help me badger everybody, that’s good,” he said. “I’m a good badger by myself but I know there are some experts in this room.”

The bill provided only a fraction of the $55 million the DoJ asked for in its budget request for “investigating and prosecuting financial and mortgage fraud.” Waters proposed re-appropriating some money in the bill from the NASA program to fully fund the $55 million request.

Representative Brad Miller also rose in support of Waters’ amendment. Though Miller was turned down for the job of executive director—because, he believes, the working group was afraid of industry blowback.

Unfortunately, when put up for a voice vote, the Waters amendment failed in the Republican-dominated chamber. Her case wasn’t helped when Representative Chaka Fattah, also a member of the progressive caucus, spoke in opposition to the amendment, citing concerns about the loss of NASA funding.

This country has become a giant joke…and everyone knows it.

Full article here


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