CIA Whistle Blower, Robert D Steele, Reveals The Truth About Government

This is an extremely powerful 10 minute clip that I suggest everyone take the time to watch.  What I find so remarkable about it is the fact that this speech was given over two years ago and I am just seeing it today for the first time.  It demonstrates that there are many, many brave people speaking out, but the mainstream media just has a total blackout on these sorts of folks in what must be at this point a deliberate strategy to keep most Americans stupid, ignorant debt slaves.  What I really found interesting, particularly given my recent launch of this blog, is the emphasis he put on such activities as being key to turning this whole thing around.  The concept of “citizen journalists” being extremely important, which certainly appears to be taking off.  His description of the Bilderberg group as “nobodies who wanna be somebodies combined with somebodies on their way down” is just classic.  This guy is good…


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