FOSL Plunges 35% – This is What a Hologram Looks Like

So we wake up this morning to see prior retail darling Fossil Inc (ticker FOSL) plunge on disappointing earnings.  Now stocks collapse all the time on numbers but 35%, wow.  The financial “markets” are a joke, a farce, and every day more and more people become aware of it and head for the exits.  Many people in the business itself understand what a government manipulated propaganda tool it is, but they are paid to be involved and make returns so the wheel continues to spin.  Volumes are horrific on the stock exchanges and of what volume there is, 84% of it is estimated to be algo (computer driven) trading.  I wonder what the volume compares to when you take out the computers.  Are we back to 1980s levels of human trading?  Anyone know?

In any event, the point of this little note is a warning.  If you own high beta stocks that have done exceptionally well a day like the one just experienced in FOSL is coming your way and fast.  There is no market.  There is no liquidity. There is a hologram and that day when that soaring stock you own has one minor error all of your gains will go poof in the blink of an eye.  As I have said for a while now, this market is beyond dangerous because it is a figment of Central Bankers’ imagination.  FOSL is a major red flag and warning for all the “winners” in your portfolio.

Do you really want to have a full position on when this happens?



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