American Airlines Cuts 1,200 More Jobs – Welcome to the Recovery!

My Two Cents:  Although the article is not clear, it appears that a certain amount of these jobs will be replaced with outsourced (ie, cheaper) workers.  This is just part of a larger structural trend that many have discussed regarding the fact (which is evident from tax receipts) that the jobs being “created” are increasingly lower paid or part-time.  While I have no issue with companies needing to rearrange bloated corporate structures, what I have an issue with is how middle class wages are systematically becoming extinct while a very small group of banksters are allowed to borrow at 0% and speculate on financial assets with leverage and then are bailed out when their bets fail.  To give this privilege to the wealthiest 0.1% of Americans while the rest of the nation suffers is destroying the entire social fabric of this nation and is downright evil.

AMR Cuts 1,200 More Jobs in $1.25 Billion Labor-Savings Plan

By Mary Schlangenstein
Apr 18, 2012 3:20 PM MT
Wed Apr 18 21:20:35 GMT 2012

American Airlines will cut 1,200 airport baggage and cargo jobs and close an Arizona reservations center under a bankruptcy restructuring plan to trim annual labor spending by $1.25 billion.

Today’s announcement of new reductions means all of the carrier’s airport jobs in seven U.S. and two Canadian cities will be outsourced. AMR Corp. (AAMRQ)’s American detailed changes for the nonunion group 11 weeks after telling other workers it would do away with 13,000 of their jobs, freeze pensions and make work-rule and benefit changes.

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