Big Banks Needed $639 Billion to Meet Basel Capital Rules

My Two Cents:  So they realized banks need $639 billion last June to make them safe for society.  Guess what they did?  They delayed implementation to 2019.  Just another glorious day in Bankster Paradise!

Big Banks Needed 485.6 Billion Euros to Meet Basel Capital Rules
2012-04-12 13:51:18.705 GMT

By Jim Brunsden
April 12 (Bloomberg) — The largest global banks would have
needed an extra 485.6 billion euros ($638.5 billion) in their
core reserves to meet the Basel capital rules had the standards
been enforced last June.
Lenders would also have needed to find a combined 1.76
trillion euros in easy-to-sell assets to meet a minimum
liquidity rule set by the Basel Committee on Banking
Supervision, the group said today in a statement on its website.
The measures are scheduled to be phased in by 2019.

Read more here


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