Kenworth to Layoff 10% of Workforce

My two cents:  More signs of the economic recovery have arrived.  Kenworth (trucking company) is about to layoff 10% of its workforce at its Chillicothe, Ohio plant.  Interestingly, the plant manager Scott Blue states that it is an industry-wide phenomenom and they still have record market share.  He goes on to state “With the market share we have … we’re in a very, very good position to be the first responders during the rebound.”  Wait a second pal, aren’t we supposed to be recovering now?

Kenworth to lay off 10 percent of workers

Apr. 11, 2012
Written by
Loren Genson
Gazette Staff Writer

CHILLICOTHE — One in 10 workers at Kenworth Truck Co.’s Chillicothe plant no longer will have a job Monday.

Plant Manager Scott Blue confirmed the manufacturer will lay off 10 percent of its work force to prepare for a reduction in production at the site.

Blue said orders have fallen off by about 10 percent and the company has to decrease its work force to match the demand. Blue said he was disappointed he had to cut staff, but said things might look brighter later this year.

Read article here


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