200 Ron Paul Inspired Candidates Running for Office

My Two Cents:  As Victor Hugo said “no army can stop an idea whose time has come.” It’s not so much about the man as it is about the message.  We must carry the torch of light and liberty forward into the future.  Article below…

Ron Paul’s baby boom

By ALEX  ISENSTADT | 4/8/12 5:03 PM EDT Updated: 4/9/12  4:26 PM EDT
Ron Paul isn’t going to win the Republican presidential nomination, and his long Capitol Hill career is coming to end.

But even as he winds down his career in elected office, his voice is being  amplified across the country by dozens of House and Senate candidates who are  seeking to carry on his legacy.

Paul  activists of all ages, backgrounds and levels of political experience have taken  to the campaign trail this year, inspired by the Texas congressman’s  presidential campaign and a libertarian-infused message that has gotten more  traction with voters than ever before.

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