My Message to Europe

It can be difficult for non-Europeans to un­derstand the various dynamics that coexist in the densely-populated housing estate that is Eu­rope, but by way of a beginners’ guide, I’ll place my tongue loosely in my cheek and attempt to explain it to our American and Asian friends through the application of the normally toxic combination of British humour and sweeping generalization. Here goes:

The Dutch hate the Germans.

The Greeks hate the Germans.

The Germans hate the French, the Dutch, the Poles and the British.

The British hate everybody.

The French hate the Germans.

The Spanish hate the French.

The Italians don’t really hate anybody.

The Belgians hate the Dutch and the French but nobody cares.

The Greeks hate the fact that the rest of Europe doesn’t REALLY consider them European.

…and the Swiss, are neutral.

– Grant Williams of “Things that Make You Go Hmm”

My Message to Europe
I really don’t like having to write back-to-back emails about Europe but you must go to where the battle is being fought and so therefore I am compelled to do so.  We are right now engaged in a major conflict between TPTB and the rest of humanity (99.9%) of us and the key battleground right now is on the Continent.  As we all know by now the elites want a neo-feudalism on a global scale run by a global central bank that issues a global fiat currency that they control the creation and distribution of.  In other words, complete and total power on a global scale.  This is what these control freaks want and their playbook is “problem, reaction, solution” or to quote Rahm Emmanuel “you don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.”  The crisis is Europe is seen as a HUGE opportunity to further consolidate control over Europe by TPTB via a “fiscal union” in which democratic sovereign states would be eliminated in the name of the “general welfare” or to avoid “another Great Depression.”  This is why they are so panicked about the idea of the Euro breaking apart.  If that was to happen then their entire plans for the consolidation of Europe on the path to “global governance” would evaporate.  As we can see by the events transpiring today, the Euro system has already given too much authority to the ECB and Brussels (which by the way doesn’t seem to be a stable country in itself at the moment and could be on the verge of a political breakdown as the caretaker Prime Minister appears to be on the way out).  There are for now restrictions on what the ECB can or will do and the whole point of the current crisis is to create so much confusion and pain that the governments of the Eurozone capitulate and give even more power to the undemocratic dictators in Brussels.  We must never forget the quote by Mayer Rothschild: “give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.”  This is as true today as it was in his days and in all the days back throughout recorded history.  There is a very good reason that gold and silver came into use as money.  They give control to the producers of goods and the productive in society and away from the parasitic bankers and politicians.  The ultimate power resides in the ability to create fiat money at will.  Dictators and power hungry control freaks have known this throughout history and they know it today.  We must NEVER allow them to achieve this on a global basis as we can see the damage they have done when they simply have that ability at the national level.

A key point I want to make today is that “Europe” doesn’t exist.  It never has and probably never will.  The Euro, interestingly enough was implemented in 1999, which also represented the height of the Western stock market bubbles and faith in fiat money.  It was also right about when the Dow hit its all time high versus the price of gold.  Namely, it was at a moment of complete and total banker insanity and hubris.  People of my generation were still in high school or recently graduated college while elites of the baby boomer generation decided that they hadn’t created enough monstrosities already so they needed the icing on the cake.  That icing was the absurd Frankenstein currency called the Euro.

Looking back a generation from today I think historians will say “what the heck were they possibly thinking!”  Importantly, I think all of this has to be viewed in context.  When the fiat money system was forced upon the global populace when Nixon defaulted on the global gold exchange standard in August 1971 total chaos ensued in that decade; however, the system was still young and it was saved by Volcker in the early 1980’s by jacking up interest rates to double digits.  The survival of this system led to the mad belief that “deficits don’t matter” (thanks for your infinite wisdom Dick Cheney but stick to what you are good at which is massacring innocent people around the world).  This in turn led to the unrestrained creation of money and credit and then finally it led to the ultimate move in bankster hubris: The Euro.

The reason why every financial analyst and politician on television pretty much is pushing for this “fiscal union” and to “do whatever it takes” to save the Euro is because this project represents the height of fantasy for the control freak bankers.  Unfortunately for them, they still cannot grasp that this is not 1999.  Gold is not $250/oz and Gordon Brown is not dumping half of Great Britain’s gold on the market at the lows at the behest of his banker masters.  No, this is 2011 and the world is completely different.  The Too Big to Fail banks are no longer seen as being populated by these financial wizards that bring prosperity to the masses.  Rather they are seen for what they are.  Parasitic institutions that suck the life blood out of the productive in society and as wards of the states that rob us blind every chance they get.

The amazing thing about all of this is that rather than admit their mistakes, the “financial leaders” of this planet that the media parades in front of us like Soros and Buffett refuse to talk about serious reform and restructuring.  They refuse to accept the reality of the present day.  They are still living as if it is 1999.  The fact of the matter is that there never was a “Europe” as far as I can tell.  There are a bunch of different countries with very little in common bordering each other and while they went along with the Euro project in 1999, people did a lot of stupid stuff in 1999 they regret today.  The Euro is certainly one of them the whole project will go up in smoke because it is entirely unnatural.

The Soros Plan for European Serfdom

So one of my favorite control freak financial elite hypocrites came out with a piece today.  George Soros is a mouthpiece for the TPTB and it is incredible how openly he discusses their agenda when you read his dangerous dribble.  Here is a link to the article  Below are some key quotes from it.

“It takes a crisis to make the politically impossible possible.”

“They accepted the principle that countries receiving assistance should not have to pay punitive interest rates and they set up the EFSF as a fund-raising mechanism for this purpose. Had this principle been accepted in the first place, the Greek crisis would not have grown so severe. As it is, the contagion—in the form of increasing inability to pay sovereign and other debt—has spread to Spain and Italy, but those countries are not allowed to borrow at the lower, concessional rates extended to Greece.”

“The ECB’s earlier decision to buy Greek bonds had been highly controversial; Axel Weber, the ECB’s German board member, resigned from the board in protest. The intervention did blur the line between monetary and fiscal policy, but a central bank is supposed to do whatever is necessary to preserve the financial system.”

“All this would cost money. Under existing arrangements no more money is to be found and no new arrangements are allowed by the German Constitutional Court decision without the authorization of the Bundestag. There is no alternative but to give birth to the missing ingredient: a European treasury with the power to tax and therefore to borrow. This would require a new treaty, transforming the EFSF into a full-fledged treasury.  That would presuppose a radical change of heart, particularly in Germany. The German public still thinks that it has a choice about whether to support the euro or to abandon it. That is a mistake. The euro exists and the assets and liabilities of the financial system are so intermingled on the basis of a common currency that a breakdown of the euro would cause a meltdown beyond the capacity of the authorities to contain. The longer it takes for the German public to realize this, the heavier the price they and the rest of the world will have to pay.”

The first quote speaks for itself, ala the ramblings of Rahm Emmanuel and all other control freak wannabe dictators around the world.

The second quote is very important.  He is saying that the problem is that bankrupt countries have to pay “punitive interest rates.”  Huh?  This is from a guy that was a hedge fund manager and market guy?  Just like Warren Buffett he proves he is indeed a fraud and a crony capitalist.  No one that believes in markets would say this.  The reason?  He doesn’t believe in markets.  He believes in rigged markets.  Rigged markets he and his fellow elites control.

The third quote goes back to this “whatever is necessary” garbage.  He admits that the actions go against everything that was agreed upon, but hey in a crisis you have to act right?  This is financial terrorist propaganda 101.

Then he ties it all together in the last quote.  He blames the Germans.  They don’t know best.  George Soros knows best.  Listen to big daddy.  He broke the pound so he can break you.  Here is my message to the Germans.  Tell George Soros to fck off.

Say NO to Bondage
So in conclusion I have a message for my fellow humans on the Continent.  Don’t let George Soros sell you into your own slavery.  You are a proud and diverse people with an incredible history and spectacular achievements.  Don’t let the financial fear mongering class round you up and put you back on the plantation.  Don’t turn your backs on 1,000 years of progress.  Stand tall and take your destiny into you own hands.  The 99.9% in America stand with you.

Peace and wisdom,


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