A Silver Bullet for Modern Vampires

noun \ˈvam-ˌpī(-ə)r\

Definition of VAMPIRE
1: the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep
2 a : one who lives by preying on others

Does the above definition of vampire by Merriam Webster remind you of anything?  Yes of course it does, it reminds you of the Too Big To Fail Banks.  It was extremely appropriate for Matt Taibbi to refer to Goldman Sachs as the “Vampire Squid.”  Just as the above definition lays out, vampires are able to come back from the dead and once they have done so they drain the life out of the living while they sleep.  Need I say more?  The big banks and the Federal Reserve are modern day vampires and they are feeding off what remains of the living (productive) parts of the economy while the majority of Americans are stuck in a reality tv, Prozac induced coma of endless propaganda and brainwashing.  Indeed the vampires are feeding off of an American public that still by and large remains “asleep.”  These are ideal hunting grounds for vampires.

The reason vampires feed on people that are asleep of course is that they attempt to attack when their victim is most vulnerable.  The cover of night is when vampires are active, which is exactly why the Federal Reserve must operate in the shadows and why it fiercely fights off attempts to disclose its activities to the public.  The TBTF banks and the big trading brokers that scamper off like cry babies to their sugar daddy Ben Bernanke every time they have a losing trading day must be exposed as the economic life sucking vampires and financial terrorists that they are.  They must be brought out into the light of day and exposed for the unproductive, unable to compete in the free market jokers that they are.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  Until these entities are put out of their misery, restructured and key executives now and from the crisis are prosecuted there will be no sustainable recovery other than repeated phony boosts in aggregate demand created by printing money.  More worryingly, the social fabric of the country will continue to deteriorate.

So all this vampire talk leads me to an obvious conclusion.  Silver!  When I was last on Max Keiser’s show the “Keiser Report” a few weeks ago we discussed the latent power in the hands of the people via their ability to buy physical bullion and take delivery.  There is no more powerful and effective vehicle of political protest than taking this action as a vote against the fascist policies of the Federal Reserve and its abusive money monopoly.  This is because the Federal Reserve’s power lies in its ability to create AT WILL as many fiat dollars as it pleases to further its agenda, which at this point is clearly entirely aligned toward helping the bankers and the politicians in what I call the NYC/Washington D.C. cancer center.  Gold and silver are the historical and indeed the modern day competitors to fiat money, which is why they tend to be demonized so much by the mainstream media and financial press and are almost never addressed by Federal Reserve members even though they have been at the heart of global finance for millennia.  Ever since our conversation, Max has launched a very powerful campaign aimed at the silver market as a way for the average citizen to fight back against the criminal banking system intent on turning the vast majority of the Western world’s population into modern day serfs.  It is prescient and it will succeed.

Part of why I have liked precious metals for many years now is because I knew that this day would eventually come.  That the suffering people of the world would finally have had enough and would fight back.  I knew that the most effective way to fight the system would be to take physical delivery of precious metals as the surge this would cause in the price would be evidence of a total loss of confidence in fiat money, which could only then be countered by a return to some sort of hard money or revaluation of the dollar in order to reset the system, or the “ctrl alt del” print.

This campaign is not just brilliant in its potential effectiveness but its real power comes from the inclusion of as many everyday citizens as possible in the fight.  You see, back in the late 1970s when the Hunt brothers and others bought up a large percentage of the world’s available silver, they were relatively easily demonized and stopped by the government..  No government no matter how thuggish is going to be able to stop millions and millions of people the world over from buying a few ounces of silver.  Silver is also in much shorter overall supply than gold since pretty much all 160,000 tons of gold estimated to have been produced over the course of human existence is still around somewhere.  Silver is largely consumed and its annual production is estimated at only around 600 million ounces a year.  Think about this for a second.  While every adult American doesn’t have the $1400 to buy an ounce of gold, they do have the $75 dollars to buy three ounces of silver.  So if every adult American spent $75 on silver that is total annual global production folks.  See how powerful this is?

Ah but there is more.  Keiser’s campaign has been accepting videos from members of its audience that support the campaign and he has then been posting the best one’s on the website.  This takes the focus away from any one particular individual and puts it in the hands of the people that are participating.  This is extremely empowering just as youtube and the internet in general are extraordinarily empowering.  Someone that has never reached more than ten or twenty people in their lives with their views are now reaching thousands through the internet.  The establishment “filter” on news and ideas is gone.  The internet is the Guttenberg printing press on steroids.  Let’s not forget that the Guttenberg press was key in sparking the Renaissance.  This is why I am completely convinced that the current system will collapse.  It has run its course and is no longer helpful to humanity’s progress in the 21st century.  The people do not want things to stay the way they are and in fact the means of ending it are very simple.  Much more simple than voting at the polls for politicians that know nothing and can be bought off within a week.  Vote with your money.  Buy silver.

All the best from sunny (and warm) Colorado,



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